Postdepositional change in snowpack nitrate from observation of year-round near-surface snow in coastal Antarctica

first_imgPostdepositional loss of nitrate in near-surface snowfall is well known, with mean levels of nitrate in ice cores of around 20 to 80 ng g−1, while nitrate in surface snow may occasionally reach over 300 ng g−1. This has been explained as reemission of nitrate (as nitric acid) during aging, via processes that are not yet clear. However, clear seasonal cycles remain in nitrate profiles from higher accumulation rate ice cores and, across Antarctica, the mean concentration of nitrate is remarkably similar despite widely varying deposition conditions, marking nitrate out as quite different to other major ice core species. This paper examines the year-round deposition of nitrate at the snow surface at a coastal Antarctic site and discusses the degree and timing of nitrate loss. At Halley Station, Antarctica, the mean concentration of near-surface snow was 96 ng g−1 over a 2.6 year daily sampling period, while the mean concentration in newly accumulated snow was 79 ng g−1. At the end of this period, a shallow core integrating the sampling period had a mean nitrate concentration of 65 ng g−1 taken over 2 full years of accumulation. Nitrate concentrations in the surface layer were in general highest during the summer period reaching 400 ng g−1 with a mean of about 150 ng g−1 in each of December, January, and February, and lowest during the winter with a mean of around 50 ng g−1 in June. Fresh snow data from Neumayer Station shows a similar seasonal signal, with a mean nitrate concentration of 77 ng g−1, while year-round aerosol data shows total nitrate (particulate and gas phase) in the air is at a minimum in April to June and reaches a maximum in late November [Wagenbach et al., this issue], slightly out of phase with snowfall nitrate. The observation of a reduction in high nitrate concentrations in new snowfall over a few days does not appear to be general, and at Halley, there is evidence of both uptake and loss of nitrate in the surface snow layer, possibly indicating an equilibrium with changing air concentrations. However, there is attenuation of the nitrate signal over the longer period, with concentrations in the ice core taken at the end of sampling never reaching values seen in the upper surface layer.last_img read more

Watch Live Shows From Your Favorite Bands On The New LiveList L4LM Channel

first_imgWhen we first heard about LiveList, it was almost too good to be true. The company has not only compiled a listing for every available live concert stream, but they’ve done it an incredible user-friendly and interactive way, allowing you to comprehensively search their listings for just about any official stream. There’s just no reason for missing a moment of your favorite bands on the road, when you can stream them from the comfort of your own home.By partnering with LiveList, we were able to create an official Live for Live Music Channel to pick and choose the shows that you want to hear. This week marks the start of the L4LM Channel, and there are certainly some goodies on the schedule. Widespread Panic, Kamasi Washington, G. Love & Special Sauce, Son Little and more will be performing live, and all you have to do is tune in below to catch the music.Be sure to check the Menu for the full listings, or scroll down and see the text-based schedule of any official upcoming audio stream of interest! New shows are being added all the time, so don’t miss out.You can enjoy the L4LM LiveList Channel via the player below: Check out the full schedule of shows on the L4LM LiveList Channel for this week, and be sure to head to LiveList and see what there is in store! L4LM’s LiveList Channel Schedule (all times local)last_img read more

Italy’s Serie A recommends wage cuts for players, coaches

first_imgRelatedPosts Italy introduces compulsory virus testing for travellers from France Pirlo not out to copy anyone after Juventus’ comfortable opening win Nigeria records new COVID-19 infections, more deaths as figures rise to 57,242 Italy’s Serie A football league has recommended that clubs impose wage cuts of between two and four months’ pay on playing and coaching staff to reduce losses during the coronavirus outbreak. After an emergency general assembly by video conference, the league said in a statement on Monday that the stoppage caused by the contagion had left Italian football in a “very difficult” situation. The league added that this had led to an urgent need for a reduction of costs. It proposed cutting annual wages by one-third if Serie A was unable to resume and by one-sixth if it was able to restart. However, it added that each club would have to negotiate the cuts with its players. Nineteen of Serie A’s 20 clubs voted for the recommendation while Italian champions Juventus abstained, having already reached a separate agreement with their players, a Serie A source said. Serie A has been suspended since March 9 because of the coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed 15,887 lives in Italy, almost a quarter of the global death total. It is not certain when or even if the season will restart. But Italian football federation president Gabriele Gravina said on Sunday that the season, originally due to finish in May, could run until September or October if necessary. Serie A said the move was “necessary to safeguard the future of the entire Italian football system. “The intervention… foresees a reduction of one third of the total gross annual salary in the event that it is not possible to resume sporting activity, and a reduction of one sixth… if the remaining matches of the 2019/2020 season can be played in the coming months. “The clubs are ready to do their part by incurring huge losses to ensure the future of Italian football” and that “the main expense for the clubs is represented by the payroll.” European football’s governing body UEFA has urged all national leagues to try and complete the season. It had warned that clubs from competitions which are abandoned may be barred from the Champions League and Europa League next season. “The assembly confirmed the desire to play again and finish the season, but without running risks and only when health conditions and government decisions allow,” added the Serie A statement. Juventus announced on March 28 that coach Maurizio Sarri and his players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, had agreed to a wage cut. It was a cut which would save the Turin club 90 million euros (79.3 million pounds). Reuters/NAN.Tags: CoronavirusCoronavirus outbreakJuventusSerie Alast_img read more

Genetics: Alternate Reading Frames May Be Common

first_imgImagine a book written in a language where there were no spaces, and every word was three letters long.  Now imagine that you could get one story by starting at the first letter, and a different story by starting at the second letter, and another by starting at the third letter.  That’s the situation with some genes in the genetic code.  DNA can code for one protein in the first reading frame, but a different protein in an alternate reading frame.  Since the DNA language has three nucleotide “letters” per codon “word,” and since the opposite strand has three more reading frames, there are potentially six reading frames per gene.  How commonly are alternate reading frames used by an organism?    A paper in PLoS Computational Biology hints that there may be widespread examples of alternate reading frames (ARFs) in mammalian genomes.  ARFs were thought to be rare in eukaryotes.  An international team, using new statistical techniques, found 40 cases in the human genome, but says that this may be a significant underestimate, since their analysis was very conservative.  Their author’s summary asks and answers why these alternate reading frames were not found before:A textbook human gene encodes a protein using a single reading frame.  Alternative splicing brings some variation to that picture, but the notion of a single reading frame remains.  Although this is true for most of our genes, there are exceptions.  Like viral counterparts, some eukaryotic genes produce structurally unrelated proteins from overlapping reading frames.  The examples are spectacular (G-protein alpha subunit [Gnas1] or INK4a tumor suppressor), but scarce.  The scarcity is anthropogenic in origin: we simply do not believe that dual-coding genes can occur in eukaryotes.  To challenge this assumption, we performed the first genome-wide scan for mammalian genes containing alternative reading frames located out of frame relative to the annotated protein-coding region.  Using a newly developed statistical framework, we identified 40 such genes.  Because our approach is very conservative, this number is likely a significant underestimate, and future studies will identify more alternative reading frame-containing genes with fascinating biology.    They said there was an almost zero probability these ARFs were due to chance: in fact, one section of the paper is subtitled, “Dual Coding Is Virtually Impossible by Chance.”  Finding so many ARFs was surprising, they said, because maintaining ARFs by natural selection is “costly” – i.e., mutations in one reading frame could disable the information in the alternate frame.    Often, the proteins that result from alternate reading frames are related to the same function or process in the cell.  The researchers compared the well-known ARFs between humans, mice and some other mammals and found them to be highly conserved (i.e., unevolved).1Chung, Wadhawan, Szklarczyk, Pond, and Nekrutenko, “A First Look at ARFome: Dual-Coding Genes in Mammalian Genomes,” Public Library of Science: Computational Biology May 18, 2007.Try writing a message that could be read three different ways depending on which letter was the starting point.  It is extremely difficult.  If this turns out to be a common mechanism in genetics, it reveals an astonishing level of intelligent design.  How, and why, would a blind process do such a thing?  Notice how geneticists were not even looking for this amount of complexity because they did not believe it was possible.    This technique of “data compression” could expand the functional information of the genome significantly.  ARF!  The hunt is on.  Sic the design community on this fascinating puzzle.  They won’t be tied up and muzzled from announcing the return of the Master to biology.(Visited 104 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Hxhome Women Ladies Multi-color Rainbow Cosplay Party Long Curly Full Wig – Great wig and good value

first_imgLoved it nonetheless experienced to return it as it failed to go with what i was wanting it for x.Fantastic wig, as explained.Considerably improved in true everyday living than the image. It came with a wig cap which was ideal. It was these kinds of a good results that while all the dancing intended it was a bit tangled by the close of the party i took the time (an hour) to brush it out. Generally i would have just thrown it away.Great wig and good value So tender and wonderful colors. It truly is not in good shape for major heads however.Features of Hxhome Women Ladies Multi-color Rainbow Cosplay Party Long Curly Full WigWomen Ladies Multi-color Rainbow Cosplay Party Long Curly Full WigMulti-color rainbow color,perfect for My Little Pony anime cosplay party,halloween fancy dress or daily Use100% High-temperature Synthetic fiber material takes heat up to 130 degree C, or 266 degree F, Head Circumference is about 32 inchesHair Length: approx80cm/32 inch, Color:Multi-color rainbowThis wig cap size is adjustable and no pins or tape should be required. It should be fit on most people. All you should need to do is adjust the hooks inside the cap to the correct size to suit your head. The breathable design is able to make you feel even wearing no wigFantastic merchandise, specially for the price tag. Will come with a wig cap and storage bag which is extremely handy and it appears terrific on – a lot of compliments at edinburgh satisfaction march. It also suggests it can be warmth styled nevertheless i have not experimented with this but.last_img read more

Creating Timesaving Presets in Compressor

first_imgFinally jump over to the Geometry section of the Inspector and set the dimensions to: Custom 16:9 and type in 960 x 540. Or you could set it to 50% of source if you want a bit more flexibility on using it on files other than 1920 x 1080.  Last of all remember to press SAVE!Free Custom Presets For CompressorIn that example we looked at creating a nice preset for client approval videos, however the same technique can be used to create any Compressor preset.To save Compressor presets to a USB flash drive, Dropbox folder or email simply drag the preset from the settings pane into a finder window. I have created some Compressor presets of my own use that you can download from this link: Download Four Free Compressor PresetsInside the .zip file are 4 presets:1. Client Email Settings – 512 x 288 500kbps – designed to create small files that are easy to email.2. Client Viewing Settings – 960 x 540 2500kbps – Bigger and nicer to look at files that are useful for client viewings.3. Vimeo 720 HD – 720 x 1280 5000kbps – This is Vimeo’s recommended preset for 720p HD video and non pro/plus accounts.4. Vimeo 1080 HD – 1920 x 1080 10,000kbps – This is Vimeo’s recommended preset for 1080 HD video. You can crank it all the way up to 20,000 but its probably over kill.Click here to view Vimeo’s recommendations for compression settings for several different frame sizes etc.  One additional note, you may want to double check the frame rate settings for your country.  As I’m UK based I’m a PAL editor, so my frame rate is set to 25 fps.Which application do you prefer for video encoding?Share your thoughts/experiences in the comments below! Create timesaving presets in Compressor for common compression tasks – or just download these free presets to get you started!Creating presets in Compressor, Apple’s video encoding application, is an incredibly easy way to save time and effort when it comes to common compression tasks. In this post I’ll quickly show you how to create Compressor presets yourself, as well as provide a link to download some ones I made.  Save time and effort!Creating a Compressor PresetThe easiest way to create a Compressor preset is simply to duplicate an existing preset and then make some suitable adjustments. We’ll create my ‘Client Viewing’ settings in this example. To do this open Compressor and in the Settings tab open up Apple> Formats > Quicktime > Quicktime H.264.Next press the ‘Duplicate Selected Setting’ icon – third in from the left at the top of the settings tab. This will create a duplicate setting in your ‘Custom’ folder and it also means you’re not saving over Compressor’s default presets.In the Inspector pane name the setting something relevant based on the task you’ll use it for and fill in the description with some of the essential attributes it will have to remind yourself what it is supposed to do. Here I’ve called it ‘Client Viewing Preset’ and given it the description “H.264 940×560 2500kbps”. This is going to make a Quicktime file that’s great to send to clients for approval, as its decent quality without a huge file size.  Note, 960×540 is 50% of full HD 1920 x 1080.Now click on the Video Settings button in the middle of the inspector and check the ‘Restrict to’ button and type in “2500” in the box.  This will cap the data rate at 2500 kbits/second.  You can leave the other settings alone.  This way Compressor will read the native frame rate of the file you’re working with.  Next, click the Audio Settings button and drop the ‘target bit rate’ down to about 192.last_img read more

Bloomberry to start construction of Quezon City casino in June new cruise

first_img Leisure & Resorts World Corp suffers major swing to loss in 2Q19 RelatedPosts 181 Chinese nationals arrested in dispute over POGO accreditation status Philippines rejects China’s call to ban online gambling Load More The Chairman and CEO of Philippines IR operator Bloomberry Resorts Corp, Enrique Razon Jr, says the company remains on track to break ground on its new Quezon City casino project despite a plan by local officials to impose an entry fee on residents.Speaking to media following Bloomberry’s Annual Stockholders’ Meeting on Thursday, Razon Jr said he expects to release the masterplan for its Quezon City resort, known as Solaire North, no later than May with construction to commence as early as June. “We should be done by mid-April or May, so we can come out with the announcement,” he said. “As soon as the site is clear we’ll have the groundbreaking. Our target is June or July.”Asked about Quezon City’s planned implementation of a gambling regulatory ordinance that would include an entrance fee for locals – a plan that has set it on a collision course with Philippines gaming regulator PAGCOR – Razon Jr said.“That ordinance came after, but PAGCOR has something to say about that. We won’t involve ourselves in the issue. We are moving forward with the project … the clearance has been given by the Local Government Unit and PAGCOR.”Solaire North is scheduled to open in 2022.Razon Jr also revealed on Thursday that Bloomberry expects to start construction of its US$308 million cruise ship port near its flagship Solaire Resort & Casino in Parañaque City in 3Q19, adding, “We hope to complete Phase 1 by 2021.”The development will include terminal facilities as well as expanded entertainment facilities such as retail, dining, maritime recreation options and public esplanades.last_img read more

Dance and the elegance

first_imgIn her recent performance at Andhra Bhawan on February 23, Sharanya Chandran, brought together her life’s enriched learnings and experiences on to the stage. It brought together her instruction under none other than her distinguished mother Padmashri Geeta Chandran, but also her prestigious role of ‘Global Shaper’, an initiative of the World Economic Forum. The performance showcases the strength, vigour and grace of the Thanvjavoor style that she learnt from her Guru and Mother (Padmashri) Geeta Chandran. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Sharanya has been learning Bharatanatyam since age four. She presented her formal solo debut performance, the Arangetram at the age of 13.  Sharanya is the Vice President and a senior dancer and choreographer of the Natya Vriksha.She is empanelled with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) as a solo artiste and is nationally graded by Doordarshan, having performed in the presence of diverse audiences in India and overseas on several prestigious festivals and forums – both as a soloist and in group choreographies, as part of the Natya Vriksha Dance Company.  Most recently, Sharanya was part of the classical dance presentation hosted by the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee at Rashtrapati Bhavan in honour of visiting US President Barrack Obama.Her international performance includes Incredible India @ 60 festival at the Lincoln Centre in New York; the Thai Cultural Festival at the Thai Cultural Centre, Bangkok; to Celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Indian Republic under the auspices of the Indian High Commission at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London; the 8th World Hindi Conference in New York and solo dance recital at the Nehru Centre (London).last_img read more