Quintain mission

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Bladt Loads Out Northwester 2 Offshore Substation

first_imgBladt Industries has loaded out the offshore substation destined for the Northwester 2 offshore wind farm.Source: Bladt IndustriesAccording to Bladt, the substation will soon leave its facility in Aalborg, Denmark, for the project site in the Belgium part of the North Sea.The 235t transformer was installed on the offshore substation in April by using three cranes.To remind, Bladt is responsible for designing, building and installing the substation, as well as for monopile foundations which will house the turbines and the topside, under a contract won in May last year.Northwester 2, currently under construction some 50km north-west of Oostende, will comprise 23 MHI Vestas 164-9.5MW turbines. The 219MW offshore wind farm is scheduled for commissioning in 2020.last_img read more

Joint Animal Services Shares Cold Weather Tips for Our Pets

first_imgFacebook1Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Joint Animal ServicesWe all think about the temperature and what we need to keep ourselves warm but here are a few things we also need to be aware of to keep our pets safe.Cats and dogs should stay indoors during cold weather but be aware that heat sources such as fireplaces and space heaters can burn pets. Make sure your space heaters are pet-proofed.Provide plenty of fresh water. When we heat our homes it can dry out the air inside making our pets susceptible to dehydration.Don’t let pets drink water in driveways and roadways. It might have antifreeze which can be deadly, even in small amounts.If it’s icy outside, wipe your dog’s feet after walks to remove chemicals or salt that might they might have walked through which can irritate footpads.Know your pet’s limits. Like people, cats and dogs can get frostbite and hypothermia if left outdoors for too long.  Consider a sweater or coat for short haired dogs while outside.Do you have an emergency kit? Remember to include your pet’s needs including food, water and any medications they may need to get them through for up to 5 days.Contact your veterinarian if you notice any lack of energy or appetite. Pets get sick, too!last_img read more

Golf season just around the corner as GP opens driving range

first_imgGolfers in Nelson got a chance to test out the new driver found under the Christmas tree as Granite Pointe opened the driving range Saturday.The warmer weather is quickly removing the mountains of snow the Rosemont course receives during the winter allowing staff to consider moderate opening this coming week.Check out the Granite Pointe Pro Shop at 250-352-5913 for more information on the upcoming season or the courses website.last_img

GPA blasts APNU/AFC for condoning disrespect at press conference

first_imgMoments after attending a press conference hosted by the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government on Friday, the Guyana Press Association (GPA) called out the administration for condoning disrespect meted out to members of the media.At that press conference, hosted at Congress Place, Sophia, a number of supporters of the APNU/AFC Administration were seated, and heckled reporters as the GPA asked questions of members of the head table. This behaviour was condoned by the Government Parliamentarians, who allowed their supporters to continue heckling.Media workers were boldly asked by the supporters there: “What stupid questions are you asking?” and in some cases were even asked if those were questions. All the while, the Government officials sat quietly without addressing the disrespect.However, the GPA did not mince words with the Government when it issued aA section of the APNU/AFC supporters in attendance of the Press Conferencestatement shortly after the press briefing, reminding the Government that media workers have the right to conduct their duties without fear of intimidation. The GPA noted that it would not hesitate to call on media workers and media houses to boycott press events if this “unacceptable behaviour continues.”“We can only assume that this behaviour is a feature endorsed by the party and its leaders, since it happened during today’s (Friday) event with PNC Chairperson Volda Lawrence and senior APNU members and the party’s last press conference held by PNC Leader, President David Granger,” the GPA stated. Among the senior Government officials present at the press briefing were Acting President Moses Nagamootoo; Acting Prime Minister Carl Greenidge; Minister of State, Joseph Harmon; Social Protection Minister Amna Ally, and Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan.last_img read more

Genetics: Alternate Reading Frames May Be Common

first_imgImagine a book written in a language where there were no spaces, and every word was three letters long.  Now imagine that you could get one story by starting at the first letter, and a different story by starting at the second letter, and another by starting at the third letter.  That’s the situation with some genes in the genetic code.  DNA can code for one protein in the first reading frame, but a different protein in an alternate reading frame.  Since the DNA language has three nucleotide “letters” per codon “word,” and since the opposite strand has three more reading frames, there are potentially six reading frames per gene.  How commonly are alternate reading frames used by an organism?    A paper in PLoS Computational Biology hints that there may be widespread examples of alternate reading frames (ARFs) in mammalian genomes.  ARFs were thought to be rare in eukaryotes.  An international team, using new statistical techniques, found 40 cases in the human genome, but says that this may be a significant underestimate, since their analysis was very conservative.  Their author’s summary asks and answers why these alternate reading frames were not found before:A textbook human gene encodes a protein using a single reading frame.  Alternative splicing brings some variation to that picture, but the notion of a single reading frame remains.  Although this is true for most of our genes, there are exceptions.  Like viral counterparts, some eukaryotic genes produce structurally unrelated proteins from overlapping reading frames.  The examples are spectacular (G-protein alpha subunit [Gnas1] or INK4a tumor suppressor), but scarce.  The scarcity is anthropogenic in origin: we simply do not believe that dual-coding genes can occur in eukaryotes.  To challenge this assumption, we performed the first genome-wide scan for mammalian genes containing alternative reading frames located out of frame relative to the annotated protein-coding region.  Using a newly developed statistical framework, we identified 40 such genes.  Because our approach is very conservative, this number is likely a significant underestimate, and future studies will identify more alternative reading frame-containing genes with fascinating biology.    They said there was an almost zero probability these ARFs were due to chance: in fact, one section of the paper is subtitled, “Dual Coding Is Virtually Impossible by Chance.”  Finding so many ARFs was surprising, they said, because maintaining ARFs by natural selection is “costly” – i.e., mutations in one reading frame could disable the information in the alternate frame.    Often, the proteins that result from alternate reading frames are related to the same function or process in the cell.  The researchers compared the well-known ARFs between humans, mice and some other mammals and found them to be highly conserved (i.e., unevolved).1Chung, Wadhawan, Szklarczyk, Pond, and Nekrutenko, “A First Look at ARFome: Dual-Coding Genes in Mammalian Genomes,” Public Library of Science: Computational Biology May 18, 2007.Try writing a message that could be read three different ways depending on which letter was the starting point.  It is extremely difficult.  If this turns out to be a common mechanism in genetics, it reveals an astonishing level of intelligent design.  How, and why, would a blind process do such a thing?  Notice how geneticists were not even looking for this amount of complexity because they did not believe it was possible.    This technique of “data compression” could expand the functional information of the genome significantly.  ARF!  The hunt is on.  Sic the design community on this fascinating puzzle.  They won’t be tied up and muzzled from announcing the return of the Master to biology.(Visited 104 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Optimus G Pro: LG Releases Also-Ran Android Phablet To The Wild

first_imgAre we sure that LG and Samsung are not the same company?A smartphone showed up at my house yesterday. Now, this is not an infrequent occurrence, so I was not surprised by its arrival. I ripped open the packaging, pulled out the familiar AT&T box and found… a gargantuan smartphone. Wait, I told myself, they sent the wrong phone. I already have a Samsung Galaxy Note II “phablet” (smartphone/tablet hybrid) device. Then, I looked a little closer. This was not one of Samsung’s infamous phablets. This mammoth was from LG – the Optimus G Pro. It is thoroughly uninspiring.Yet Another PhabletThe Optimus G Pro has a 5.5-inch screen, which makes it a hair smaller than the Galaxy Note II that comes in at 5.55-inches. At 6.07 ounces, it is not excessively heavy, which is good for a phone of this size. Screen resolution is decent but not top-end at 1080×1920 pixels (401 pixels per inch). It has a 13-megapixel back camera (in line with the Galaxy S4) and a 2.1-MP front camera. The battery is a bit smaller than that of the Note II, at 3140 mAh (versus 3200 mAh). The device has a plastic, removable back with expandable Micro-SIM and microSD slots.The Optimus G Pro employs a similar quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon Galaxy S4 identical to the one in the HTC One, clocking in at 1.7 GHz. With 2 GB of RAM, the Optimus G Pro is about as fast as other recently released comparable smartphones.If you know, or care, anything about hardware specs, you will recognize that the LG Optimus G Pro basically sports the exact same internal components at the HTC One, just with a bigger screen and battery. Its camera is basically the same as the Galaxy S4. Instead of reinventing the wheel, LG more or less just jumped on the components bandwagon with its biggest rivals.I will say the same thing about the Optimus G Pro that I said about the Galaxy Note II when it came to the market: phablets are ridiculous. They are not practical as smartphones and are too small to be really nice tablets. Smartphones in the 5-inch plus to 7-inch range are the tweeners of the mobile device world. A smartphone loses its luster when it is difficult to put in the pockets of your jeans and looks and feels awkward when pressed against your face for a call. Size matters in the smartphone world and 5.5-inches for a device offers a suboptimal experience.That being said, if you are a large person in need of a large smartphone, a phablet may be just what the doctor ordered.  A Few Defining QuirksThe Note II comes with a Stylus, what Samsung calls a S Pen. The LG Optimus G Pro does not come with a stylus, but it doe employ similar drawing capabilities. Most Android smartphones these days come with two or three physical buttons: a power button, a volume button and, depending on the manufacturer, a physical “home” button. LG has all those buttons and one more: a “quick” button on the left side above the volume button.The “quick” button is not a new concept. Older Android smartphones have employed it to launch the camera app or other functions. LG uses it to implement some of its own peculiar features. By pressing the quick button you are brought to a function call QuickMemo, where you can draw on the screen you are looking at. For instance, if you are reading an article in an app or through the browser, you can easily toggle to QuickMenu and make a note and send it to yourself or someone else. For a functional perspective, this is much easier to do than most of the stylus functions through the Note II.  Related Posts Tags:#Android#LG The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology If you do not want to use QuickMemo, the quick button can be changed to any app that you prefer. The Android panels for the home screen on the Optimus G Pro also perform in a curious, delightful fashion. Instead of scrolling from one panel to another with the same image static in the background, the image scrolls along with the panels. It is a small detail, but a decent user interface flourish unique to LG. Android Shines ThroughSeveral of the most recent flagship devices from Android manufacturers do not showcase the operating system at all. Samsung has thoroughly invested in hiding the fact that Android is running on its new Galaxy S4 and HTC makes a decent skin in Sense 5 for the HTC One. On these devices, Android is marginalized, for good or bad, depending on your preference.If there is one thing to credit with the Optimus G Pro is that LG does little to alter or tweak Android. Yes, there are some interesting UI oddities, but the overall experience is much plainer and simpler than that of any Samsung Galaxy device. That benefits the user as well as developers looking to create apps for the larger screen size. In the end, the Optimus G Pro is just another large screen Android smartphone. It is not wholly remarkable nor unremarkable. It will hit stores in the United States on May 10 for $199 (on a two-year contract), making it cheaper than the Note II. If you are an individual with inordinately large hands or just curious about the newest crop of Android devices, it is worth at least a look. Update: The original version of this article referred to the device as the Optimus Pro G. It has been corrected to Optimus G Pro.  What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces dan rowinskilast_img read more

Mean is in: Bollywood biggies caught sporting the bad-boy look with much elan

first_imgIt’s good to be bad in Bollywood – at least that’s what all the big guys seem to be endorsing with their latest look.The clean chocolate boy guise is outdated and what looks to be in vogue is the mean dishevelled appearance.From industry icons such as Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan to the young band of boys such as Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor – they all happen to be in agreement on this one point, for a change.Back from his shooting stint in Kashmir, SRK was recently snapped at the airport; his machismo on full display as he sported tousled long hair and a scruffy French beard. A black leather jacket, shades, a monogrammed Louis Vuitton bag and ripped denims completed his cool avatar.Salman, who’s riding high on the success of his recent release Ek Tha Tiger, was spotted in Mumbai wearing his signature Muscle Tee and denims.The original bad boy was flaunting a Van Dyke goatee and a rough, short haircut. Style icon Arjun Rampal was clicked showing off a scruffy French beard and covered his messy mane under a cap.It’s not just the big names who are flaunting the look.Even upcoming stars such as Ranveer and Arjun prefer the scruffy and shaggy look.The first look of their new movie Gunday has the duo dressed in denims teamed with V-neck tees and open-button shirts casually thrown over.While Ranveer sports a handle bar moustache and beard, Arjun is seen in grungy long hair and a good, old fashioned beard.advertisementThe boys seem in no hurry to get rid of their tapori style and are carrying their reel-look into real life.last_img read more

9 months agoAtletico Madrid defender Godin agrees Inter Milan terms

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Atletico Madrid defender Godin agrees Inter Milan termsby Carlos Volcano9 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveAtletico Madrid defender Diego Godin has assured Inter Milan he’ll join them in the summer, it has been revealed.Off contract in June, El Larguero says Godin has assured Inter he’ll make the move in June.He has agreed terms over a two-year deal worth €5.5m-a-season with the option for a third.Godin has made the decision after Atletico refused to offer more than a 12-month deal for the veteran to renew.The captain had been seeking a two-year contract and is disappointed by Atletico’s unwillingness to meet his demands. last_img read more

GIF: Arkansas Blows Three-Point Lead With Awful Foul Late Against Alabama

first_imgAn Arkansas Razorbacks cheerleader.JACKSONVILLE, FL – MARCH 19: A cheerleader for the Arkansas Razorbacks watches on against the Wofford Terriers during the second round of the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament at Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena on March 19, 2015 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)Arkansas and Alabama are currently in overtime, but ask any Razorback fan, it should have never gotten this far. With under five seconds left, and a three point lead, Arkansas committed the cardinal sin of fouling a player on a layup, and sending him to the line for a game-tying free throw. Arkansas’ Bobby Portis fouled Alabama forward Michael Kessens, who made the bucket, and sunk the free throw to send the game to overtime. The game is tied at 86 with under two minutes remaining.last_img read more