November 2017

Search algorithm love Shanghai and noble baby what’s the difference

technology with ordinary fly double three, Mig-25 itself is a great engineering achievement. The next generation fighter, whether the Soviet Union or the United States Su-27 F-15, and the four generation machine F-22, are not able to fly out two three, but the next generation fighter in the technical level and the overall performance, it is far better than Mig-25, it should be regarded as the main difference of magnitude said. The difference of magnitude can not take a specific assessment indicators or isolated cases (Mig-25 was shot down over F/A-18), not only is some technical points on the merits, and is often decided on the basis of the technical level. read more

How to let the webmaster local talent recruitment website to go on the road to profitability

our local labor bureau, although unlike the talent market that every month for college students to open special recruitment, but also a year one to two special large-scale recruitment, but the Labor Bureau exclusive sponsored, as partners, our website nature also appeared on each panel board. I get local maximum publicity but just give the exclusive network information technology support such a few words.


if you did it first, and that the next step is to consider this matter

department, but for the lower level personnel, the number of self built website talent is not much, and the site size and low practical value. read more