September 2017

Optimization strategies and techniques based on the Shanghai dragon small business website

The development of

, Shanghai dragon domestic development started relatively late, mainly in the beginning of 2002, but when no one specialized search engines, but the technical staff through experience and submit in making web pages for search engine ranking structured some skills to make the website ranking.

in 1.2 foreign Shanghai dragon

2.1.1 internal optimization

Abstract: with the rapid development of network marketing, more and more enterprises pay close attention to the construction and promotion of their own site. At present, the Shanghai Phoenix market, compared with the past more standardized and more intense competition. As for advertising, search engine promotion service payment, achieve good rankings through natural search engine ranking way alone, for a small website promotion had a tremendous impact. How to make the small website more effective to get good rankings in search engines, become the focus of small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai dragon staff. read more

How to let Sina hot news blog 5 days rose 8

?The key content of

in the evening, I think, feel so hot news reprint of others, feeling too common, and not what traffic, so I opened the love of Shanghai Search Ranking, examined the recent hot news as the material editor again.

first, this news is too little, then let the child care parents see, also won’t have what resonance, the readability of the value is not high; and not on the adolescent children education problems, with education topics, I re edited content must have readability. Especially in this age of children are rebellious adolescence, particularly serious, parents do not know how to communicate with their children, so a relatively high degree of concern. read more

How to please love Shanghai

good experience, the next step is to submit, but you should note that a note column called. This must be done, need to pay attention to warn the user when imitating the experience, not only improves the user experience, relative to the audit staff, they will think you more carefully, users love, love Shanghai love, what is the reason not by

love Shanghai experience is not old, but the influence is very strong, demonstrated in front of the user, there is no doubt that the alternative encyclopedia status, and love the experience of Shanghai is more close to the people, love the experience of Shanghai for the promotion of the role of staff is very large, but we are never good this sword! Here is my love to share the experience of Shanghai know for everyone. read more

We have to see how the mobile search

Zhang Yusheng: mobile search is the trend, market share has been with the PC side of the half of the country, can predict the future of mobile search is the mainstream! There are many prospective, understand marketing site has opened a mobile phone mode, instead of the traditional WAP mode! So the future of mobile search is the mainstream, it is now the mainstream.

Cardiff: now many words love Shanghai index, mobile search has more than the PC side, for example, Dad where to go; because mobile phone ownership is significantly more than the computer, mobile phone and computer is convenient, incomparable can be expected, the future of mobile search will be multiple PC end search. At present, the mobile terminal or PC terminal ranking reference data, love Shanghai said mobile terminal data independent of the system has not been established. With the increase of the number of mobile phone website, independent index system on mobile phone website, independent ranking rules will also be issued. But at present, the mobile phone terminal PC terminal is still sort of reference, is different, if a site has a mobile phone PC terminal station, the ranking on the mobile phone will be improved, in front of him, no mobile phone station ranking will drop. Currently, Shanghai is still love alone. Other search engines in the mobile terminal and the possibility of love competition in Shanghai is relatively small. But, in the mobile search demand, may be applied in other shunt. For example: map search, local search of life (public comment), ticket booking search (where), people search and search of brands (WeChat) and so on. How do the mobile web site, a relatively simple method is used to provide siteapp.baidu贵族宝贝, love Shanghai. read more

How to publish high quality information in B2B

four: the release of information: the information release of The more, the better. but also pay attention to the quality, the best choice of different keywords release, to avoid excessive repetition of the content, the general B2B is not the number of restrictions, according to their own needs to release some quantitative timing, B2B website and information retransmission the function, after a period of time before the release of information will be re released again, not only save time, and make full use of the resources. read more

How to make search engines crawl AJAX content

in order to solve this problem, the noble baby " is proposed; wells + exclamation point " structure.

The results of

I have always thought that there is no way to do, until two days ago saw the solution to one of the founders of Discourse Robin Ward, was overwhelmed with admiration for.

Discourse is a forum, rely heavily on Ajax, but they must let the noble baby included content. Its solution is to give up the well structure, using History API.

users complain about, only half had been abolished. read more

Pei Tao virtual space let Shanghai Longfeng ER the awful


Server three or two days to restart the crash, it will affect the search engine to crawl and index, light is not timely updates and included new page or web site search engine that will no longer exist, closed crawl frequency search engine will be greatly reduced, the stability of the virtual space how good is very intuitive, if you feel that you can’t judge, advise you love Shanghai, a lot of webmaster tools can check. Always open the webmaster, I suggest you timely change room, not because of this awful. read more

Your original article is reproduced after the original

love Shanghai has pulled out of the spark plan, but I think that if we want to make the implementation of the plan to every webmaster, is not practical, so before this problem still exists here we enumerate the usual method to deal with this problem:

3, active on the spider out.

webmaster, your original article is reproduced after the "original"

the Internet is a huge stage, everyone has a hard sweat, or for life, or for fame. Some people in the act of writing, some people in the middle of the night pondering, is obtained through these efforts but let some people grow, these people were hard to spoil the results. We often see such a situation, a lost sense of grow up. read more

Keywords analysis of optimization strategy of mobile phone ringtone site instance

compared with our Lord keywords, long tail word mobile phone ringtone is the key to planning. A mobile phone ringtone web page is very much, the natural content of the page title and keywords are automatically generated by the program, I see the next mobile phone ringtone home page title, such as Wang Feng: "I love you" this song Chinese mobile phone ringtone page of the meta information.

mobile phone ringtone website will give the bell classification, such as: network music ringtones, funny ringtones, classic ringtones, latest ringtones, DJ ringtones and so on, but such words are big competition. Personal webmaster optimization these words more difficult, we can choose some moderately difficult words as the main keywords. In fact, a bell website do not like portals, do so, when the update will kill you, we can choose a direction, for example, can make a funny ringtones, it is mainly some funny ringtones, this keyword is relatively concentrated, can be set as follows: funny ringtones funny, funny ringtones, SMS alarm, such as personal webmaster single-handed may be more appropriate, because time and energy limited. read more