August 2017

The traffic soared 3 of the construction of the chain

three, sina

is the Lord Sina blog is because he was in love with Shanghai on weight than any other blog come high. The culture method of Sina blog is very simple, to each other on the brush Sina blog IP to enhance the level after the initial release of several articles. This blog each step on the Internet very much, I will not mention here. After a certain weight in the blog began to publish articles, do the anchor text link, so as to flow into the web site at the same time, increase the weight of the website. We look at the construction of the chain. It can not ignore the blog: read more

What we want is not search ranking search traffic

all the total search volume larger sum up to a total of 11.39% other small search volume of the sum is 88.61%.


in " how to make Shanghai dragon without content? There may be no content search traffic? " said, if the website does not have content, and other content on the content for search ranking, in fact, it may be only a certain keyword "search rankings, and there can be no traffic search too" good ".

so of course we want is not to search traffic in search rankings, but know how to fight for many web search rankings, but did not know how to increase search traffic. read more

6 ways to teach you how to build a high quality link bait

1: focus on user experience, when talking about linkbait said that the user experience seems to be contradictory, in fact. This told me to open a shop in Taobao, you must first have a product, then you are useful to the user, the user of your product will. The same is true in the link bait, not just to manufacture link and link bait, as so-called not only for Shanghai and Shanghai as the Dragon dragon. So don’t try to pursue the effect, although we are longing for external links, but deliberately to pursue, pursue linkbait often does not produce the desired effect, which is why the reason must be the natural anchor text to join. read more

Don’t underestimate the noble baby optimization page title role

in the book, a title can decide whether a book can be sold, just think, when you are in a bookstore, what makes you pick up a book? There is no doubt that the cover and title. The importance of the page title to a website you already know, but how do you know the

Check the

how do you check the title of the competition? You can search in the search engine: allintitle: your keyword phrases, let’s take a look at an example. Pretend you engaged in pest control company, specializes in termite removal. You study in Google keyword tool free, you will find an interesting keyword phrase: termites eradication (termite eradication). read more

Let life change page optimization optimization of Shanghai dragon you

if you want to improve their visibility and brand value on the Internet client, create a brief background to your website, use the local pubs, bars or cafes to provide information on the information portal, its unique selling proposition is when setting the marketing content, showing a different sports, the target audience will be very interested in such an open up a fresh outlook activities.

1, the new access number

The main purpose of


site optimization

content optimization

More compelling content, read more

Lu Guofu the Domain is not in the first place and recovery method

yesterday when a colleague and a site responsible to Shanghai dragon Links friends exchange, was rejected, said the other reason is that our website has been down the right. I look at our site, all of the data is fairly normal, basic daily published articles will soon be included, site or flow when I came in, I found the domain domain name of the website home page is not displayed in the first place, so the friend directly refused our request, then domain the domain name is not in the home when you can prove that our website is down right? The Wuhan Shanghai dragon to express their own opinion: read more

3 important factors that affect the ranking of the love of Shanghai

?The first factor

we want to talk about today is: with the potential demand for keywords,

potential demand, why the potential demand is an important factor to keyword ranking keywords? Then we talk about what is the needs of key words. We find that we are going to go to the mall to buy shoes, some colleagues said today we go to the mall to buy shoes! Then the key is not to buy shoes? But some friends will choose formal business shoes, some friends will choose leisure shoes, we also search keywords, is not the same keywords will have different needs we say? Search for air conditioning repair, air conditioning maintenance search is likely to need air conditioning repair, is likely to want to know the common air conditioning repair and maintenance knowledge, want to find some information, some may need these services, can see different keywords, with a different user search keywords is not the demand is not the same, we take this factor called keywords needs of users, that if you have never thought about what is the key to user needs, so this time I I want to tell you, even if you can put your keywords ranking in love Shanghai in the top five or top three, it is also short, may flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, will then have a week for two weeks, one month and two months on the OUT, and the length of time depends on your luck, why, because for you there is no scientific analysis, your main luck, just what you offer and keywords of the needs of users, the result is very strong, you won the lottery. For your keywords ranking is good, there are many examples here about a. read more

Analysis of a simple case to a memory 2012

fortunately, in December 21st, the so-called "doomsday" no! Then we will continue to optimize the road. Yesterday, Hangzhou Shanghai dragon year will be held as scheduled in Hangzhou, the meeting by a company director Bai Bing optimization (netizens) hosted the annual meeting in Shanghai in 2012 we summarize the history of the dragon, 4 hours after the meeting, the meeting content I do not do fine, meeting a case to Shanghai dragon take out to share.

anchor text

blogger said this station, he did not how to pipe, or his assistant to help write a beauty reprint. read more

A chain exchange fraud traps everywhere five fraud owners need to be cautious

! is also useful! ! !But the

after a period of time

this method now few people used, especially many site program version of the upgrade, coupled with the framework of the program itself is not conducive to search engine optimization, the construction of the framework of iframe website program was originally popular rarely, so the possibility of using this method to cheat link is also reduced, after all, is not conducive to optimize your website this kind of deception! In addition, is also very easy through the webmaster tools to check it out, then use the iframe framework to deceive the value is not high, but for the webmaster friends know about read more

Enterprise news release four essentials

four is easier said than done, this needs the webmaster friends do not do the station, it is impossible to obtain good rankings, haven’t heard a word? Not tasted bitter one. This article from Hubei Cheng Li (贵族宝贝clczzc贵族宝贝) A5 starting

is the title of this article is the eyes on users and search engines, according to previous data showed that 80% of users see the article is through the title "temptation" in the visible in the title under foot is undoubtedly adds luster to the article 70%. In addition to remind everyone a little if the website news section with subtitle function, also a bit. read more