Vectren’s Official Statement Concerning The Nicor Energy Services Law Suit

first_imgVectren’s Official Statement Concerning The Nicor Energy Services Law Suit Nicor Energy Services Co. (doing business as Pivotal Home Solutions) offers ancillary home services for multiple utilities throughout the U.S., including Vectren Energy Delivery. Examples of these optional services include appliance repair and maintenance plans and indoor/outdoor piping or plumbing repair plans in which customers pay for insurance to cover expenses to repair, maintain and/or replace equipment in their home. This sort of home warranty/service plan cover issues typically not covered by homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.Pivotal Home Solutions and similar companies have been offering these services to Vectren customers for more than 10 years. They are typically offered to new customers during the move-in process or through direct mail pieces delivered directly to the customer’s home. Enrollment is completely voluntary, and the customer must proactively and affirmatively agree to enroll in the service(s); these services are not part of a default plan when becoming a Vectren customer.The charge for the service(s), should a customer choose to enroll, is added to the Vectren bill to provide the customer a convenient bundled payment option. These charges are listed separately from the energy service charges as “Non Vectren Energy Delivery Charges” in both the bill summary section and a separate, bolded section on the bill, along with the phone number to contact the warranty company should the customer have questions or need to cancel the service(s). Likewise, the following description is listed below the bill line item.“Non Vectren Energy Delivery charges, including charges for Vectren Home Solutions, are separate from the regulated utility charges of Vectren Energy Delivery. Failure to pay these optional services will not result in the disconnection of your utility service. You must directly contact your service provider at the number above if you elect to cancel these optional services. Your responsibility for these charges is dependent upon the terms of your agreement with the service provider.”FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

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