Ocean City Mayor Gillian Gives Storm Update

first_imgMayor Jay Gillian It’s the first day of spring, and another coastal storm continues to strengthen off the coast. I want everybody to be prepared. The National Weather Service has posted warnings for both tidal flooding and snow accumulation.   As with most storms, our primary concern is with flooded streets. We’re asking everybody to be prepared to move vehicles to higher ground. The forecast calls for three progressively higher tides falling shortly after 11 p.m. tonight, about noon Wednesday and shortly after midnight Wednesday into Thursday.The roads closer to the beach are best for parking, and they also offer the safest routes of travel. Trinity United Methodist Church at 20 North Shore Road in Marmora once again has graciously extended an invitation for Ocean City residents to use their parking lot.It’s never a good idea to try to drive on flooded streets. Please do not drive around or move any barricades. You can damage your car, endanger your safety, and the wake created by passing vehicles can swamp nearby homes and businesses. In addition to the usual dangers, many roads are currently under construction and flood waters could be hiding uneven surfaces and other hazards. We will regularly monitor the Merion Park pumping stations and construction sites to make sure everything is functioning and secure.The forecast also calls for a heavy mix of precipitation with several inches of snow accumulation possible for Wednesday. It’s not clear exactly how much we’ll get, but travel conditions will be hazardous under any circumstance. Try to limit your driving and keep West Avenue clear of parked cars if snow covers the roadway.Please check in on your neighbors and make sure they are OK and their properties are secure. I will continue to provide updates and information as the forecast develops. More detailed information is available here.In addition, police issued a reminder that parking is prohibited along the designated snow emergency route in Ocean City. Vehicles are not to be parked on any portion of the roadway when the road is snow covered.The designated snow emergency route for Ocean City is the entire length of West Avenue from North Street to 59th Street. When the road is snow covered all vehicles must be removed for snow plow operations. Vehicles that remain on the roadway and create a hazard to public safety are subject to being ticketed and/or towed.For Police & Fire Department emergencies, call 911. For non-emergencies, call 609-399-9111.last_img

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