Sublime’s Self-Titled Final Album Was Released On This Day In 1996

first_imgFrom its organ tinged “Garden Grove” introduction through its George Gershwin inspired “Doin’ Time” finale, Sublime‘s third and final album is one of the best selling releases  of all time. Released on this day in 1996, Sublime features a bounty of the band’s best material. “Garden Grove,” “What I Got,” “Wrong Way,” “April 29, 1992 (Miami),” “Santeria” and more appear on this incredible album. Of course, its biggest tragedy is that the band’s lead singer and songwriter, Bradley Nowell, never got to experience his band’s success.While Sublime made a name for themselves in the California scene, the band’s unique blend of reggae, rock, funk and more never really played well to audiences in the early 90’s. It would take years for the group to be fully appreciated by music lovers. During that time, Nowell struggled with, and eventually succumbed, to a serious drug addiction. With his parts all recorded at an earlier studio session, the remaining band members decided to release Sublime as a posthumous tribute.Sublime has become more than an album; it’s almost symbolic of an entire culture. The band’s music is almost instantly accessible, powered by funky grooves and reggae rhythms. Beyond the songs, it’s the album that instills the notion of a day spent hanging on a California beach, riding along with the windows down. Somehow both tough and mellow at the same time, Sublime is one of those records that never tires.On its 21st anniversary, we can’t help but share this great music with you! Tune in to Sublime, below.last_img

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