Brazil, Argentina Sign Military Operations Accord

first_imgBy Dialogo November 14, 2012 We appreciated the opportune joint operations agreement between Brazil and Argentina. This act enriches the memory of Ezequiel Martinez Estrada, Argentine writer, essayist, and biographer, deceased in 1964, who dreamed about such cooperation relationships. The idealist Estrada said “everything unites us, nothing keeps us apart”, as an intellectual and political calling for a great friendship among these both Southern Latin American countries. We wish you a great success and prosperity for the initiative. Ney de Araripe Sucupira – Public Relations Director – Associação dos Diplomados da Escola Superior de Guerra (Association of Graduates of War School) – ESG – São Paulo, Brazil Brazil announced it would sign its first combined military operations agreement with Argentina on November 12, which will allow joint participation in peace and disaster relief operations. “This is a trust-boosting measure in the military between two partner nations,” stated General José Carlos De Nardi, Commander of the Brazilian Armed Forces’ Joint Staff, in a press release from the Ministry of Defense. Discussions on the agreement, known in Spanish military jargon as a “combined doctrine,” began two years ago, and it outlines the instructions for both countries to operate jointly in emergency situations and international peace operations. Argentina signed an agreement with Peru for joint disaster operations, and is expecting to do the same with Chile and Bolivia, while this is Brazil’s first agreement of this kind, the Ministry highlighted. last_img

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