Brazil prepares security for major events

first_img I think that the leaders of each country should agree and have the troops protect the citizens instead of thinking about wars that lead to no good. The National Private and Electronic Security Fair (RIOSEC) took place between October 15 and 17, in Rio de Janeiro. The event is a reference in the world where exhibitors from Brazil and many other different countries gathered. With the upcoming major sporting events in Brazil (2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics), this fair presented private security solutions to prepare the country to ensure protection and peace of mind to people before, during, and after the competitions. These events represent a chance for Brazil to show the world their ability to organize, plan and execute security for the entourages, authorities, hotels, and sports arenas, apply the best management practices and state-of-the-art technologies in the private security field. Under the leadership of the Brazilian Association of Security Professionals (ABSEG), the following were part of the event: security analysts, consultants, security officers, and all those involved in the area of private security, who had the opportunity to attend lectures and courses on safety management, monitoring images, discussion forums on the security market in Brazil, security strategies and tactics, vulnerability mapping, observation and recording processes, conduct and attitudes of security professionals, private security actions, among others. In addition, the exhibition created an opportunity for the visitors to see the latest on: industrial intelligence, monitoring stations, radio communications, uniforms, personal security, surveillance, vehicle armoring, dignitaries’ security, information technology, weapons, electronic security, fire detection and fire-fighting, among others. The highlight of the event happened on October 15, with a lecture from the security expert of the Universidad Pontifícia Comillas de Madrid and security manager of Barry University of Florida, Igor de Mesquita Pípolo, who spoke about “Challenges and threats to the upcoming major events in Brazil.” At that time, Pípolo presented future scenarios and the factors that influencing the security strategic planning for the major events that will take place in Brazil in the next few years, highlighting the preparations of the country and sharing successful experiences of other nations in events of this nature. By Dialogo November 13, 2013last_img

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