New disinfecting sprayers to help Susquehanna County EMS workers

first_imgEMS workers have been on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Constantly coming into contact with potential COVID patients, the battle against the virus often happens right inside the ambulance. “We want to make sure they go home the same way they went out on the calls. They’re not infecting their families, they’re not getting it on themselves, it’s just one more step in keeping them safe,” said Schwartz. “We don’t want to pass it along to any one of our coworkers or bring it home to our families,” said Dan Totten, an EMT with the Montrose Minute Men. “We’re taking extra precautions, making sure at the beginning of our shift, the end of our shift, or even the middle of our shift, disinfecting and making sure everything is nice and clean.” “Once it’s dry, takes about ten minutes for that to take place, they’re good to go, they don’t have to do a lot of manual labor anymore,” said Ralph Schwartz, with Susquehanna County Emergency Management Training and Operations. “It’s going to help us at the end of the day, the beginning of our shift, or before going on calls, or if we do transfer a patient that is possible COVID, or is COVID,” said Totten. MONTROSE, P.A. (WBNG) — Susquehanna County Emergency Management officials are ramping up disinfecting protocols with a new tool. The new Electrostatic Handheld Sprayers made by Victory Innovations Co. take a high tech approach to disinfecting. By electrostatically charging disinfecting liquid, the solution will adhere to whatever surface it touches. With every EMS service in Susquehanna County receiving these sprayers, officials hope it will protect both responders and patients from the spread of the virus. The sprayers can hold about two quarts of the non-toxic disinfecting solution. Susquehanna County officials also have another version of the sprayer that comes with a tank that can be worn on an individuals back. Both versions will save time and energy for busy first responders. last_img

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