The public bicycle system came to life in Split. Public bicycle rental is up 200 percent and is used by 1.400 users

first_imgThe price of using a bicycle is 5 kuna every additional half hour for a classic, or 10 kuna for an electric bicycle. The price of the seasonal subscription is 200 kuna, valid for one year and includes an unlimited number of free rides lasting 30 minutes per bike, while for additional rides the same method applies as with the ‘pay as you go’ option in the first case. RELATED NEWS: Great news is coming to us today from Split. Namely, a new trend of transport through the rental of public bicycles has come to life in Split.  “From this short period and pilot project we can conclude that our fellow citizens recognized bicycles as part of the offer in the urban mobility system. We offered them an alternative and they started using it in a short time. It is not realistic to expect Split to become Amsterdam. We do not have such a topography or mentality, but it is a cheaper, fast and environmentally friendly way to move around the city. We are preparing documentation based on which we will set up a significant number of bicycles and stations next year. Of course, Split needs to continue developing bicycle paths and the entire cycling infrastructure, which will make this service even safer, better and more acceptable to a growing number of users. We have a long way to go in changing the habits of dominant use of personal vehicles, getting used to and respecting bicycles in traffic, but we have moved in that direction and the first results are encouraging. Next year will be a significant investment as well as the organizational challenges it brings to our company, ”he said is Marko Bartulić, director of Split parking. The operator of the public bicycle system in Split is Nextbike Croatia, and Split is one of the 20 cities in Croatia that have implemented it.  Currently, eight stations have been set up, and there are 50 bicycles available – 20 electric and 30 classic, but the expansion of the entire system with even more stations and bicycles for public transport is expected soon.   Photo: City of Split To use the public bicycle system, registration is required, which is free, account activation costs 5 kuna and is valid for the entire Nextbike system anywhere in the world, while the specified amount also remains available on the user’s account for all additional rides.  The enthusiasm is even stronger due to the fact that most of the users are residents of the city of Split, which shows that we have recognized the value of using a city bike in our area as a supplement to public transport.  Nextbike, The public bicycle system has been expanding and promoting two-wheeled riding for six years as a sustainable, healthy, affordable and often the fastest form of transport in 20 Croatian cities where it is no longer necessary to own a bicycle. ”In addition to expanding in Split, we plan to open new cities and develop a service so that public bicycles are increasingly used to go to work, college or to move around the city. ” concludes Gustin.  AIRPORT TRAFFIC CONTINUES TO GROW, SPLIT AIRPORT BREAKS ALL RECORDScenter_img The public bicycle system should be the standard offer of each of our serious tourist destinations. Of course if we want to deal with the strategic development of tourism and talk about the tourist year. “Successful cooperation with representatives of the City of Split and Split parking resulted in a quality network of nextbike stations and a large number of classic and electric bicycles available 24/7 in the busiest locations in the city. Bicycle sharing among visitors and residents as an idea and possibility was accepted in Split in just a few months. After Zagreb, Split records the largest number of rents, and as the plan is to make bicycles available throughout the year, the same trend is expected during the winter season. ” points out Ante Gustin from Nextnika Croatia.  Photo: Nextbike Croatia In Split, 1.400 users are registered for renting public bicycles, of which 52,6 percent are domestic. The most frequent location was the one on the waterfront, followed by Stari plac, Spinut and Split 3 and Sukoišan, Kampus, Žnjan and next to TC Joker.  Thus, in September, the rental of public bicycles in Split increased by as much as 200 percent. From mid-July to the end of September, a total of 2886 leases were realized, of which 60,9 percent were domestic users. More than half of the leases, 1865 of them, were realized only in September, which recorded three times or 200% more leases than in August, according to Split parking data.  By the end of October, if everything goes according to plan, a new contingent of 32 bicycles (20 classic and 12 electric) should arrive in Split, as well as four new stations worth around 700 thousand kuna, financed by Split parking, Bartulić points out, adding that next year plans to set up several dozen new terminals to meet the set goal of each district having at least one station and making bicycles easily accessible to all. By the way, this year Split has the nine best months in tourist traffic ever in which it was visited by 837.125 thousand guests with almost 2,5 million tourist nights. This is the result of which Split surpassed last year’s best tourist year by as much as 8 percent in the number of guest visits, and the number of their overnight stays is 9 percent higher than last year. After the City of Split, in cooperation with the utility company Split parking, put into operation the public bicycle system a little more than two months ago, the results on its use indicate that this form of transport has room for further development.  The company System of Public Bicycles has been proud of the last open system in Croatia for several months now, in which the number of users is growing from month to month. Now that the first concrete figures have been presented in Nextbike Croatia, they also have concrete confirmation that Split has embraced the system of public bicycles. last_img

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