The scourge of sexting in schools (Aust)

first_imgThe Daily Telegraph 20 September 2014Teachers say that last year there were five times as many reports of students sending unwanted suxually explicit photos to classmates than in 2012.A report by the Department of Education says there were just 10 incidents reported in 2012, but the number soared to 54 last year.In one incident at a southwest Sydney school in 2012, a Year 9 girl uploaded a naked image of herself on a website.A female student from ­another school saw the image, took a photo of it, and sent it to another student — who sent it to everyone in her mobile phone contacts.In a 2013 incident in the New England region, a teacher overheard male students talking about “inappropriate” photos being sent by a female student. Police were called to the school after it was discovered the girl had “multiple, ­inappropriate photographs of unknown males” in her phone.

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