Emotional Nicolas Mahut gets hug from son after losing in French Open. Twitter left teary-eyed

first_imgWith the French Open going on, fans of the game are glued to their screens to watch their favourite players in action. The French Open, in the history of sports, has given us some of the most iconic moments.A recent match between Nicolas Mahut and Argentina’s Leonardo Mayer during the French Open was one such match. Nicolas Mahut’s run came to an end in the French Open after he lost to his opponent.It was a crucial match in the life of Mahut as he would have faced Roger Federer in the next round if he would have won. As he lost the match, an emotional Mahut tried holding back his tears.A journalist and Twitter user, Tancredi Palmeri, shared the video on his official account and captioned it, “You maybe already saw this. Tennis player Mahut losing at Roland Garros in front of his family, breaks down in tears. His kid runs on court to hug him. His opponent Mayer getting emotional. Father and son walk away hand in hand. Losing, winning, living.”You maybe already saw this.Tennis player Mahut losing at Roland Garros in front of his family, breaks down in tears.His kid runs on court to hug him.His opponent Mayer getting emotional.Father and son walk away hand in hand.Losing, winning, living.pic.twitter.com/YOE3ohKVGJTancredi Palmeri (@tancredipalmeri) June 4, 2019In the video, Mahut’s son can be seen running towards his emotional dad and hugging him. Mayer also got teary-eyed looking at the scene. In the end, the father-son duo walked back holding hands as they received a standing ovation from everyone in the stadium.advertisementThis video hit twitterati hard in the feels, have a look at the comments on the thread.Mayer had a human reaction in front of that he did wellpaulo dias (@altominho68) June 4, 2019Beautiful. That embrace says he won at fatherhood.Arlinda Budo (@ArlindaBudo) June 4, 2019I was just fine until I read you comment, then the tears came…Bruno Felix (@bruno_felix) June 5, 2019So sweet and emotional to see a son having the opportunity of holding his dad’s hand in the dad’s time of need!islolly (@islolly) June 5, 2019Well said sir. Love sent to you from Alabama. Much respectJohnny Childress (@JohnnyChildres) June 6, 2019Great sportsmanship from Mayer.Lee Fisher (@Leefisher1971) June 4, 2019It’s more than sportsmanship, it’s humanity.Jadozaurus (@Jadozaurus) June 4, 2019That’s beautiful. I reckon my son would be coming on to tell me he would have taken him in straight sets…whilst dressed as cat boy.Jamie Ross (@Jamieross11jr) June 4, 2019Real men. Real class. Real heart.Lynn Rucker (@LynnRucker8) June 5, 2019#perspective I think I have some dust in my eyeSt Davids PE & Sport (@MrlycettPE) June 4, 2019Not me, I’m cryingEric (@trem2303) June 5, 2019Bigger than sport – that is life!Robbie Nock (@NockRobbie) June 4, 2019It took me so long to realise where the really important people in your life are. They are the ones in your . This is must watch stuff competitors & warriors on field of battle but real peopld under the surface is the most important thing of allDarren Berry (@ChuckBerry1969) June 5, 2019People BARELY remember who won what anymore…. NO ONE forgets moments like this #FamilyFirstMarvin M Williams (@TheSideNotes) June 5, 2019Beautiful. Therein lies the meaning of life. Love.Scott Rennie (@scottmrennie) June 4, 2019The video left Twitter teary-eyed as well.ALSO READ | Bengaluru priests sit in vessels filled with water while performing puja. Internet dies laughingALSO READ: Smriti Irani wishes Ekta Kapoor on birthday with adorable pic: You helped me through difficult timesALSO WATCH | Man forces himself on child at Riyadh malllast_img

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