Moroccan Greenpeace Activist Faiza Oulahsen Released on Bail

first_imgCasablanca- Faiza Oulahsen, a Dutch woman of Moroccan origins, has been released on bail along with other Greenpeace activists after they were arrested on September 18th over protest on an Arctic oil rig owned by state-controlled firm Gazprom, Greenpeace recently announced on its official website. According to the same source, 26-year-old Faiza Oulahsen has been granted bail in Primorskiy District Court.The appeal to release Faiza on bail was initially rejected by the Regional Court of Murmansk. Faiza was at the head of the Greenpeace mission, onboard a Dutch-flagged Greenpeace ship named Sunrise, to protest Russia’s offshore oil drilling in the Arctic. Along with the 30 other Greenpeace activists, Faiza ended up arrested and detained in the Russian city of Murmansk after they attempted to board the Prirazlomnaya platform, Russia’s first offshore oil rig in the Arctic.Videos and pictures shared on Greenpeace’s official website showed Russian agents masked in balaclavas pointing guns and knives at the activists. The same pictures and videos stirred a massive public outrage in different corners of the world.Faiza and the rest of the Dutch crewmembers were subsequently charged with piracy.Thousands of people, from 263 cities in 43 countries, took part in peaceful protests in to express their solidarity with the detained 30 activists. Faiza has been with Greenpeace since, 2011. “It is her sincere indignation and concern that convinced her to join the Arctic Sunrise on its journey of peaceful protest in the Arctic,” read a biographical description of her on Greenpeace official website. “It is now busier than ever in the ‘climate and energy’ corner of our office, but also strangely quiet without Faiza. We talk about her and miss her and worry about her. In the NOS news we heard her joke that she is fine, but she’s not in a five star Hotel. Maybe we will have a good laugh about this together some day, but now we are long way from that,” read a note at the bottom of her profile. © Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributedlast_img

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