Anonymous hacks Westboro Baptist Church website during live interview with them

first_imgUntil now the battle between Anonymous and Westboro Baptist Church has remained civilized and mature from Anonymous’ standpoint. While Anonymous do not agree with the message WBC send out, they certainly didn’t want to go to war with them as, quite frankly, they have better things to do.But WBC kept pushing, and it all came to a head in a live interview today. On The David Pakman Show Shirley Phelps-Roper from WBC agreed to chat with a representative of Anonymous. During the interview Shirley was, let’s say, less than respectful and at one point stated Anonymous could not do anything to harm their websites.Anonymous has always said that the WBC website hacks to this point had not been carried out by them, but by a hacktivist named Jester. They also distanced themselves from the original release that seemed to spur this mini-war. Shirley went on to tell the Anonymous rep that he was going to hell and that they were all thugs.Anonymous clearly had had enough and decided to hack one of the WBC websites that was still live. This was done during the interview and presented as a surprise. Shirley continues to smile somewhat oblivious to what happened. When asked to look at the message posted on the site she simply says:I have to talk, that’s my job. It’s somebody else’s job to look at the websites. Read more at Computerworldlast_img

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