Baltimore IT guy sentenced for hacking bosss PowerPoint with porn

first_imgSometimes getting fired from a job will leave you with vengeance boiling in your blood. After all, movies like Office Space and the upcoming Horrible Bosses are all about getting revenge the work place, but it happens in real life as well. Fifty-two-year-old Walter Powell was fired from his job as the director of Management Information Systems at the Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems in 2009. Within weeks of being fired Powell starting accessing the organization’s network from his home computer and used keylogging software to attain passwords from his boss.While his boss, BSAS CEO Greg Warren, was giving a PowerPoint presentation to the board of directors, Powell remotely shut Warren’s computer off. When it rebooted, a pornographic photo of a naked woman appeared, greeting more than a dozen board members on the 64-inch screen.The Baltimore state attorney’s office said this is the first hacking case the city has seen. The BSAS distributes public funds to more than 50 substance abuse programs. Supposedly, the attack cost $80,000 — most of which went to rebuilding the system, replacing software, and upgrading security.The Baltimore Grand Jury indicted Powell with a number of hacking counts. He was indicted with one count of unauthorized access to a computer network, four counts of unauthorized access to the network with the purpose to disturb the network, and five counts of unauthorized possession of passwords. When detectives searched Powell’s house, they also found silencers for guns, which he was also indicted for. Needless to say, Powell may have had some more malicious thoughts going on in his head besides embarrassing his boss.Powell was sentenced to two years in prison, which was suspended because of time already served between 2009 and now. He also was sentenced to 100 hours of community service and three years of probation. Powell was banned from using or owning any software that can remotely access and monitor other computers.Read more at the Baltimore Sun, via ExtremeTech.last_img

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