Skype introduces Conversation Ads to grab your attention

first_imgSkype has this week introduced a new style of advertising for audio calls which they are calling Conversation Ads. They aren’t called that just because the ads appear during a conversation, though. Instead, Skype believes these advertisements will be so good, both of you will stop what you are talking about and start chatting about the advert instead.You may think Skype is being a bit optimistic here, as who is going to break off a conversation when an advert pops up on the screen? Well, it depends on what that advert is, and Skype is intending to add some interactivity for both people as well as presenting “local brand experiences.”The good news is, the adverts will remain silent so as not to interrupt the call. And Skype promises they will in no way impact the quality of the call audio. But they want you to click those adverts, so expect them to take the form of simple games and there’s sure to be a few exclusive movie trailers popping up to.If you have Skype Credit or one or more active Skype subscriptions then you will never see these adverts. They will also be limited to 1:1 Skype-to-Skype audio calls made using Skype for Windows. So these aren’t adverts for heavy Skype users. It’s also nice to see in the screenshot above that there’s the ability to close the ad, but then another may just pop up to replace it.With Microsoft now running the show at Skype you can be sure revenue will be a key focus going forward. Microsoft paid $8.5 billion to take control of the VoIP service, and it wants to get that money back as quickly as possible.Read more at the Skype Bloglast_img

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