Pentagon planning massive cyber security expansion

first_imgIf you have heard any of President Obama’s alarming rhetoric about the threats of devastating cyber attacks on America, it might have surprised you to know that the Pentagon’s cyber security force is only 900 people, making it significantly less represented than many other departments, especially those related to on-the-ground combat. But that is about to change in a big way.According to numbers reportedly obtained by the Washington Post, the Pentagon plans to expand the number of personnel in the cyber security “Cyber Command” force to 4900, including both military personnel and civilians. That would give it the same kind of manpower as commands that oversee major combat operations.When asked about the validity of the Post’s claims, a US official confirmed that the Cyber Command unit is preparing for a huge expansion but would not verify the specific 4900 number. Nevertheless, it appears to be solidified that the Pentagon is looking for thousands of tech-savvy people.That is not exactly a small recruiting effort, so it will no doubt take a substantial amount of time before the new Cyber Command team is put in place. As for how the government plans to fund this colossal outreach, the Pentagon will make cutbacks in many of its other areas of operation, including those within the conventional armed forces. Cyber warfare is where the growing threat is. While the cutbacks will pave the way for some of this, the Cyber Command expansion is likely to also come from taxpayer dollars.The Obama administration has made cyber security a strong part of its policy agenda, from his first few months in office and beyond. Obama has come up with unique ideas, like a unique Internet ID that would be given to US citizens.The Department of Homeland Security reported that there were 198 cyber assaults against the US in 2012 — compared to just nine incidents in 2009. Among the most serious threats to the country are attacks against the US’s energy sector.last_img

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