Search algorithm love Shanghai and noble baby what’s the difference

technology with ordinary fly double three, Mig-25 itself is a great engineering achievement. The next generation fighter, whether the Soviet Union or the United States Su-27 F-15, and the four generation machine F-22, are not able to fly out two three, but the next generation fighter in the technical level and the overall performance, it is far better than Mig-25, it should be regarded as the main difference of magnitude said. The difference of magnitude can not take a specific assessment indicators or isolated cases (Mig-25 was shot down over F/A-18), not only is some technical points on the merits, and is often decided on the basis of the technical level.

ask: love Shanghai and noble baby search technique is an order of magnitude of

begins with a pull unrelated field, the Soviet Union in 1960s, equipped Mig-25 interceptor, which is the world’s first flying double three (three times the speed of sound, 30000 meters altitude aircraft). The western world faces the abnormal performance parameters was inferred from the Soviet Union in the inexplicable, space technology has been completely beyond the western. Viktor Mig-25 defected until driving West, they finally have the opportunity to contact the real machine, it was found using the technology actually not so advanced, the performance index is up by abnormal technical basis of ordinary hard, aircraft very clumsy and even "fighter line" of the title, really poor engine to fly a Mach three landing will be scrapped. Soviet aviation technology and without their imagination so guards.


I love Shanghai in 2009, with technical information disclosed and nobility baby love Shanghai’s internal system, I first think of is Mig-25. like this fighter, then love Shanghai, Chinese in search result quality indicators on the contrast of nobility baby still has advantages. Love Shanghai engineers are very clever, very hard, at some point has done very fine very well, but in the basic technology and search related, love Shanghai or full backward. Love Shanghai search quality, have mostly rely on artificial to do a lot of detailed strategy adjustment pull up.


in 2009, I certainly love Shanghai baby search contrast based technology associated with the magnitude of the gap between aristocracy. As far as I know, these years love Shanghai in terms of basic technology progress quickly, while also in the rapid progress of noble baby. Whether they have differences in the magnitude of today, I’m not sure.

listed below several important basic technology and more public information:

the following answer for users pudding:

first one sentence answer: Based on search technology and related aspects, there is still a large gap distance noble love Shanghai baby, but today if there is a gap on the order of magnitude of doubt.

large scale cluster construction and management.

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