Optimization strategies and techniques based on the Shanghai dragon small business website

The development of

, Shanghai dragon domestic development started relatively late, mainly in the beginning of 2002, but when no one specialized search engines, but the technical staff through experience and submit in making web pages for search engine ranking structured some skills to make the website ranking.

in 1.2 foreign Shanghai dragon

2.1.1 internal optimization

Abstract: with the rapid development of network marketing, more and more enterprises pay close attention to the construction and promotion of their own site. At present, the Shanghai Phoenix market, compared with the past more standardized and more intense competition. As for advertising, search engine promotion service payment, achieve good rankings through natural search engine ranking way alone, for a small website promotion had a tremendous impact. How to make the small website more effective to get good rankings in search engines, become the focus of small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai dragon staff.

small business website; Shanghai Longfeng optimization;


1.3 China Shanghai Dragon

1 Shanghai Longfeng introduction and development at home and abroad

in foreign countries, with the search engine’s birth climax period, with the emergence of the first search Yahoo directory, Shanghai dragon development earlier and more standardized. Each company is equipped with Shanghai Longfeng specialist or Shanghai Longfeng engineer, responsible for the site keyword ranking in terms of detection and search engine optimization.


so Shanghai dragon market is relatively chaotic, most Internet companies although do Shanghai dragon, but often only in the construction site, just as one of Shanghai dragon service. But the website optimization is a relatively persevere work, are full of uncertainty every day, no construction site profitability is relatively stable. Therefore, most of the companies do not want to spend a lot of time to really focus on this aspect.

technique The basic skills of

2.1 Shanghai dragon optimization basic skills

1.1 Shanghai dragon

2 Shanghai dragon optimization and difficulties of

Shanghai dragon Chinese means "search engine optimization", is the abbreviation of Optimization Engine Search English. It is defined as: Based on the search engine rankings of the natural, rational planning of website structure and content construction scheme, user interactive communication, improve the website to get more free traffic in the search engine.

in addition to foreign countries also have specialized Shanghai Longfeng company, mainly to provide advisory services, is part of the Shanghai dragon experts and company focused on doing a Shanghai dragon, such as special study keywords, special connection etc.. But for the professional Shanghai dragon company, most concern is the high-end market.

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