How to let Sina hot news blog 5 days rose 8

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in the evening, I think, feel so hot news reprint of others, feeling too common, and not what traffic, so I opened the love of Shanghai Search Ranking, examined the recent hot news as the material editor again.

first, this news is too little, then let the child care parents see, also won’t have what resonance, the readability of the value is not high; and not on the adolescent children education problems, with education topics, I re edited content must have readability. Especially in this age of children are rebellious adolescence, particularly serious, parents do not know how to communicate with their children, so a relatively high degree of concern.

I do not think I applied in May 12th Sina blog

love Shanghai Search Ranking

at first, three days to upgrade to the 7, five days rose 8, this is totally out of my contrary to expectation. Apply for a blog, just want to be a hot news source, the evening began, Sina registered mail – then open blog, after more than ten minutes to fix, including blog layout name.

second, by chance in the novel inside to see a child in early childhood education and guidance mostly from the young mother, grandparents and side buddy and elder neighbor. Then the child’s education and guidance has become the child’s mental growth is an indispensable link, the plasticity of a large proportion, even for some reason early. So, I started this topic, I think more than directly reproduced news can see.

a "KTV XX is a ten year old boy sings with bear hug kiss" news attracted my attention, I have made a careful study of the reprinted this news major website, the result let me greatly disappointed that not one; the portal was re edited on the news, was totally reprint release, all the contents are similar, this is probably a common industry.

hot news + "education method 10-15 age stage child agent mental activities" + my own ideas, together with the blend of improvement, after writing a little more is in the morning, then Sina Bo.

as a Shanghai dragon worker, I may not get everything completely handwritten, then pseudo original is the best choice, because the education of things, I do not really understand. This news source I am finishing.


why should I choose this news

as a Shanghai dragon worker, one time I often write Shanghai dragon aspects of the article submission, the choice of material is very important, then there are a lot of hot news sources, including entertainment, fire, and missing and military aspects, too much, just see, I was wondering, now we are most concerned about what kind of news, what can let me the copy editing level is not good people to write out the others see

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