How to please love Shanghai

good experience, the next step is to submit, but you should note that a note column called. This must be done, need to pay attention to warn the user when imitating the experience, not only improves the user experience, relative to the audit staff, they will think you more carefully, users love, love Shanghai love, what is the reason not by

love Shanghai experience is not old, but the influence is very strong, demonstrated in front of the user, there is no doubt that the alternative encyclopedia status, and love the experience of Shanghai is more close to the people, love the experience of Shanghai for the promotion of the role of staff is very large, but we are never good this sword! Here is my love to share the experience of Shanghai know for everyone.

2. don’t add links to the

I introduce the sex Shanghai know little for a few days before the

finishing 4. beautiful

is the title of the article must be brief, such as "braised fish in soy sauce practices" and "how to do braised fish in soy sauce" and "do braised fish in soy sauce steps", let people can immediately know what is the title of your experience to speak, let him be judged not just want to see, love is different from our experience in Shanghai soft, soft in the title may be by means of real time to attract eyeballs, but love the experience of Shanghai title must be concise and to the point, the first time to point, let the user know that you want to share knowledge, so I want to tell the webmaster, let your experience with a rational, has the sense of time is necessary step. You can use pictures to explain.


sex tips I summarize, perhaps every webmaster all know, I just use specific language.

Shanghai experience is what you love to share the experience of the process is not allowed to add the links, this is purely for stimulation, absolute failure. Of course, love Shanghai for us to consider, so the reference column can be used to add a link. The content of specific value, nonsense not say, you will experience or practice directly related to the user experience, this is. You can then reference to put on your links as you return. To tell the truth, the love of Shanghai is very good.

?The above is about the experience of Shanghai

3. do about convincing


, so this paper will share the love of Shanghai another son: love the experience of Shanghai.


in fact, add pictures will be more convincing, in short, that is the evidence! And if you write a long and minute statement, the user may simply not to read, but you with pictures, the effect is absolutely different. So in the sex experience of Shanghai, must be illustrated, make it easier for users to understand and accept it more easily.


1. starter and has general title

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