We have to see how the mobile search

Zhang Yusheng: mobile search is the trend, market share has been with the PC side of the half of the country, can predict the future of mobile search is the mainstream! There are many prospective, understand marketing site has opened a mobile phone mode, instead of the traditional WAP mode! So the future of mobile search is the mainstream, it is now the mainstream.

Cardiff: now many words love Shanghai index, mobile search has more than the PC side, for example, Dad where to go; because mobile phone ownership is significantly more than the computer, mobile phone and computer is convenient, incomparable can be expected, the future of mobile search will be multiple PC end search. At present, the mobile terminal or PC terminal ranking reference data, love Shanghai said mobile terminal data independent of the system has not been established. With the increase of the number of mobile phone website, independent index system on mobile phone website, independent ranking rules will also be issued. But at present, the mobile phone terminal PC terminal is still sort of reference, is different, if a site has a mobile phone PC terminal station, the ranking on the mobile phone will be improved, in front of him, no mobile phone station ranking will drop. Currently, Shanghai is still love alone. Other search engines in the mobile terminal and the possibility of love competition in Shanghai is relatively small. But, in the mobile search demand, may be applied in other shunt. For example: map search, local search of life (public comment), ticket booking search (where), people search and search of brands (WeChat) and so on. How do the mobile web site, a relatively simple method is used to provide siteapp.baidu贵族宝贝, love Shanghai.

will be greater than the computer using a mobile terminal end estimation. A few days ago I received a phone call, because I am from Liuzhou, received.


Wu Huazhi:

mobile Internet online shopping is a trend in the future, we have to see how the mobile search? How to build their own mobile phone website? Everyone for mobile search in optimization have what advice? PC end mobile phone search and search results what is the difference? The future of mobile search is still not a single big love Shanghai? How will the mobile search market future trend? Here are some Shanghai Longfeng practitioners to answer this question, in order to blog and share exchange.

Deng Libo: Mobile Internet is a big trend, can provide a simple estimate of reading, the mobile terminal traffic site browsing will become increasingly large (mobile phone video industry application will take a look at present, most of the traffic) mobile search or love Shanghai, few people will use such as 360, Sogou search engine in the mobile terminal. As for the mobile terminal love Shanghai search results, I feel a little more PC lag — a website we have ranked in the PC segment, the mobile terminal also need a period of time can be reflected. In a word, the kind that gives users with a simple website content, traffic in the mobile terminal will be more and more large, complex functions, will be used instead.

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