How to publish high quality information in B2B

four: the release of information: the information release of The more, the better. but also pay attention to the quality, the best choice of different keywords release, to avoid excessive repetition of the content, the general B2B is not the number of restrictions, according to their own needs to release some quantitative timing, B2B website and information retransmission the function, after a period of time before the release of information will be re released again, not only save time, and make full use of the resources.

B2B (Business To Business) on the website information, first of all because the comparison of these large B2B website, more users, traffic is relatively large, and the search information people have clear purchase goal, the release of information will be easier to bring potential customers; secondly the weight of many B2B sites are high, information can make search engines on these sites, not only can increase the chain, but also can increase the browsing amount. The following Yishui Shanghai Shanghai dragon how to deliver high quality B2B information:

two: the title and the choice of keywords: generally must first determine the keyword of the website, if you do not know the number of expansion keywords, can refer to the noble baby administrator tools, come out of some long tail keywords, how to select keywords and how to excavate the long tail keywords we have studied. The title should be set with keywords, can try to a message header contains 2-3 keywords, in order to more easily indexed by search engines, could be the target keywords, can also be related to the long tail keywords, but.

: a large B2B site, B2B site is now too much, if every website to publish is best of course, but greatly increased the workload, the weight of small B2B website love in Shanghai is not high, the user is not much, no large website release information quickly, now we know that the more well-known are: HC, Alibaba, Ganji, 58 city, eBay network and so on, a hundred responses to a single call, Bana, the most simple way is to love your search keywords in Shanghai, then in Shanghai love in front of the B2B sites are basically a relatively high weight, the search engine friendly the website may wish to send information to these sites.

three: information content compilation: information content mainly includes the company’s product information, pictures, mainly the service company, but the most important thing is to bring the company’s website links and contact way. Content is best original, if not original, then write pseudo original, can see competitors supply information, key words and sentences.

think Yishui can use some weight high Website Optimization Website B2B to bring flow and the chain is very important for the Shanghai dragon, you may wish to try. 贵族宝贝 original Yishui webmaster.

Now many companies have learned in

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