How to make search engines crawl AJAX content

in order to solve this problem, the noble baby " is proposed; wells + exclamation point " structure.

The results of

I have always thought that there is no way to do, until two days ago saw the solution to one of the founders of Discourse Robin Ward, was overwhelmed with admiration for.

Discourse is a forum, rely heavily on Ajax, but they must let the noble baby included content. Its solution is to give up the well structure, using History API.

users complain about, only half had been abolished.



The so-called More and more

address bar URL has changed, but the music did not interrupt

the advantage of this approach is that the user experience is good, save traffic, disadvantage is that AJAX content can not be crawled by search engines. For example, you have a website.

so, what method can maintain a more intuitive URL at the same time, also let the search engines to crawl AJAX

History API, which is without refreshing the page, change the browser address bar display URL (more precisely, is the current state change page). Here is an example, you click the button to start playing music. Then, and then click on the link below to see what happened to

Well, ?

when the noble baby found above such URL, will automatically grab another URL:

but the search engine crawls the example贵族宝贝, don’t listen well, so it will not be able to index content.

users through the structure of the URL, see different content.

as long as you put the AJAX content on the site, the noble baby will be included. But the problem is, " wells + exclamation point " very ugly and trivial. Twitter had been using this structure, it is the


!Details of the

History API, beyond the scope of this article. Here only briefly, its role is in the browser History, Tim.

website, began to use the " single page structure; " (Single-page application).

website is only a web page, using Ajax technology, based on user input, load different content.



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