Pei Tao virtual space let Shanghai Longfeng ER the awful


Server three or two days to restart the crash, it will affect the search engine to crawl and index, light is not timely updates and included new page or web site search engine that will no longer exist, closed crawl frequency search engine will be greatly reduced, the stability of the virtual space how good is very intuitive, if you feel that you can’t judge, advise you love Shanghai, a lot of webmaster tools can check. Always open the webmaster, I suggest you timely change room, not because of this awful.

, a website that correct pulse, "a road without"

four, speed ranking more confident.

my pulse refers to the virtual space is not the search engine pull hair, is not to be punished the popular space station, no cheating website like this in order to make the site was not involved, usually some black hat webmaster might hire some web server to a server which is in the course of time, IP server and destroy things happen. So when the choice space must be screened. Do the correct pulse, worry free website.

two, virtual space settings

some virtual space settings, the space below the site are banned from the search engines crawl, users can access the normal, you should pay attention to, know a little Shanghai dragon knows, prohibit crawling, website ranking is also not included, apparently It is sheer fiction. For example, 404 common page, if not handled properly, when users see the 404 page back to the server, the HTTP status code is 200. so congratulations to you, just waiting for the search engine to repeatedly grab the duplicate pages, thus causing the site to find bad malignant. So when buying virtual space must pay attention to these details, it is best to buy in this test, the host Liu Ya help, much better than the fatcow customer service.

Three, the stability of

individual owners of the achievements of the Internet China A new force suddenly rises. embarked on the "fast track", more than relief, there will still be many website "Lotus just buds, how to make this" the sparks of fire "Liaoyuanzhishi? Obviously needs a lot of efforts to achieve. Today from the perspective of Tao Pei Shanghai dragon to tell us about this virtual space with the Shanghai dragon, let Shanghai dragon ER were not in the "awful".

now the search engine has been the site of the user experience a commanding point mentioned that, in addition to affect the user experience, speed of the collected influence is beyond doubt. For a given site, there is a fixed weight in the search engine, search engines will be allocated to a weight, crawling time, the higher the weight of the site, the total distribution of crawling time longer, if your site is slow, the search engines crawl a the page takes longer, this.

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