Your original article is reproduced after the original

love Shanghai has pulled out of the spark plan, but I think that if we want to make the implementation of the plan to every webmaster, is not practical, so before this problem still exists here we enumerate the usual method to deal with this problem:

3, active on the spider out.

webmaster, your original article is reproduced after the "original"

the Internet is a huge stage, everyone has a hard sweat, or for life, or for fame. Some people in the act of writing, some people in the middle of the night pondering, is obtained through these efforts but let some people grow, these people were hard to spoil the results. We often see such a situation, a lost sense of grow up.

1. uses "steal"

this situation too much, happen every day, but we can’t stop. Another way to think, what is the purpose of our soft release: 1. through A5 weight lifting weights Webmaster Platform personal website of 2. high quality of the chain. Of course, here an interested people and journalists. Then there is no way to make what we no longer worry about their own original articles by others to "steal"? Is there a way to let us direct purpose? The answer is yes.

2. by weight and height of the orderly release of

these friends are often in order to send the chain and the chain, just as you Webmaster Platform through the audit, they immediately copy and paste to other forum or platform, disguised as the original, achieve the purpose of included. Because the weight will be sent to a higher platform to account for these people, the search engine will take his original platform as a consequence, my general operation is in a reasonable position to add your own domain name, it is best to add in the example, one can do for example, and if "steal" do not pay attention to this. Your article will not change, at least for you to draw a platform outside the chain, if his high weight, the better, although there is no much effect.


this method is suitable for new sites and new sites in Shanghai, love friends in the review period. If you carefully prepared an article, you should pay attention to a principle, at the time of the release that is: according to the level of weight are released. I like the original article first published in Shanghai dragon, followed by A5, there is a skill, that is A5 and home owners released at the same time, as long as the quality is high, it is not the problem. This method if the article has its own website URL, then the weight of ascension will be a part of the role. If you love Shanghai station has been included, anyway, you can wait for your site to be included in the love of Shanghai, released to the A5 or other Webmaster Platform, for they have determined that you are original, so if someone reproduced or copy to bring traffic and weight is also effective for us.


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