Keywords analysis of optimization strategy of mobile phone ringtone site instance

compared with our Lord keywords, long tail word mobile phone ringtone is the key to planning. A mobile phone ringtone web page is very much, the natural content of the page title and keywords are automatically generated by the program, I see the next mobile phone ringtone home page title, such as Wang Feng: "I love you" this song Chinese mobile phone ringtone page of the meta information.

mobile phone ringtone website will give the bell classification, such as: network music ringtones, funny ringtones, classic ringtones, latest ringtones, DJ ringtones and so on, but such words are big competition. Personal webmaster optimization these words more difficult, we can choose some moderately difficult words as the main keywords. In fact, a bell website do not like portals, do so, when the update will kill you, we can choose a direction, for example, can make a funny ringtones, it is mainly some funny ringtones, this keyword is relatively concentrated, can be set as follows: funny ringtones funny, funny ringtones, SMS alarm, such as personal webmaster single-handed may be more appropriate, because time and energy limited.

love the latest mobile phone ringtone friends love some professional ringtone download sites, more well-known mobile phone ringtone download mobile phone ringtone website home, the most cattle ring network, mobile phone ringtones these large sites are composed of a great team in the operation, of course, in the success of mobile phone ringtone site also there are also individual owners do, and some sites also run full of sound and colour. So for this mobile phone ringtone download station personal webmaster how we should develop more in line with the optimization strategy of its actual situation? The author will through the analysis of mobile phone ringtone home to briefly talk about the personal webmaster in mobile phone ringtone download station keywords optimization strategy. As shown below:

second: the long tail word



: the first main keywords

look at the mobile phone ringtone home to the site of the Shanghai love traffic forecast: more than 20 thousand, Adsense tools of love Shanghai has reached 6 in weight, was included in the key words we can see in a lot of high traffic keywords on the first page, and many of the long tail word ranking is also very good, mobile phone ringtone web page like many, in the above we can see the station included has 106 thousand, the actual number of pages of the site will be greater than this number, because not every page is included. We all know that the long tail of the word brings flow tend to be higher than our lives as keywords, long tail keywords in large quantity, so if you are a mobile phone ringtone website personal webmaster, how to optimize such a website, starting from the analysis of key words, we choose the keywords which mobile phone ringing again? How to set? The author will from the main keywords and long tail keywords are analyzed respectively.

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