Shanghai dragon ultimate evolution you need to stand in the marketing level of

but I think Shanghai Longfeng third levels, is a higher realm, I love Shanghai dragon password site concept, Shanghai dragon is not a simple keyword ranking. The true meaning of its existence is to let the depression of the enterprises, re orders flying; let the disabled seat to the mobility of the currency, to regain confidence in life; there are so many Diyitongjin Internet entrepreneurs dream people earn life. You see this state it has put Shanghai dragon as a tool, as we want to achieve the purpose of the tool. Shanghai Longfeng certainly is not our purpose, the use of Shanghai dragon money is our real purpose. In fact, Shanghai dragon brings but can bring traffic flow, the way many, Shanghai dragon is but a more accurate and effective, and how the flow of commercial, money into this ability than Shanghai Dragon technology can be more important.

this problem is also very good, I am writing this article is my current problems. Shanghai dragon has a twin brother called for, if you are in Shanghai Longfeng, suddenly the boss let you do the bidding. A ranking problem does not exist, you can not do the bidding to tell the boss you see my keywords ranking do go up, can not use this with the boss confessed. That this time you should think of what is inquiry, I always think of bidding for examination of operators should be inquiry. What reduces the average click price, improve click, make the flow more accurate, these are not the most members of the bid assessment standards should be. The assessment should really be bid member who should be the amount of inquiry, in fact this is very difficult for us for members, but also the only way we can truly benefit and achieve win-win situation, boss.

I always think Shanghai Longfeng level is divided into three levels, the first level is you just learning Shanghai dragon, our goal is to make up the keyword ranking. Not really understand that some people think Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon is just a simple keyword ranking, the front keywords ranking do search engines, this is the first level. The second level is optimized, we are all aspects of improving the website, whether it is streamlining the code, or service space improved website open faster, or the user needs and experience from the user’s point of view to improve the website, because you have made on site optimization, make the site more in line with the search engine algorithm, and let the user is more pleasant and more convenient use of your site, so as to promote the site keywords ranking, in the process of optimization is the key, and the rankings but is optimized after we get results.

want to get the inquiry, to force us to stand in the marketing level to the problem, rather than a technical level to the problem. We have to force to understand the product, understand the customer, understand competitors, understand the industry. Because only our products meet the needs of users the user will buy us, only our products than competitors more attractive customers will choose us, rather than competitors, which had forced you to understand competitors. If you don’t understand the product.

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