High weight website Shanghai dragon direction three internal links layout

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. For the high weight of the site, we compared with the new site has many advantages, it is important for us how to play the advantages of their own, and how to go through the Shanghai dragon optimization play to existing strengths of the previous two article "high weight website on the Dragon Phoenix direction: content quality win" "high weight website Shanghai dragon direction two: internal structure adjustment" for everyone talked about some of the views, also is behind the succession I want to give you talk about yourself, hope these ideas to help everyone improve existing weight website ranking and traffic. An article to you when the internal structure is talked about a lot about the internal links layout views, though not particularly new things, but more practical, today I continue to influence about the site of the internal links layout for the Gao Quanzhong website.

generally, the weight of our web page will be higher than the other pages, there are two reasons, one is out of common sense, we will think that home is the most important ", and will provide more support to the web page in time to update the website content, followed by external.

search engine evaluation of a web page ranking is the degree of the importance of web pages, and to improve the degree of importance of this page, in addition to the internal information and users continue to pass the benign interaction, we also need to do more in the external support, some friends may say, it is not against the chain and indeed, with respect to this web page, we need more chain, of course, here including this page all the external page.

a lot of my friends do not know how to use the internal links to web site all the pages are dead, or simply chain back to the home page, although the operation simplifies the work, but just let the weight of all concentrated in the home page, for internal page weight lifting too much to ignore, such a strategy the station is still good, but the station is fatal, in addition, to enhance the web search traffic has little help. Following Muzi into the boat to give you details about some common case, maybe we can be more intuitive understanding of the internal links of the layout.

One of the most important aspects of the

1, link to the home page layout, a collection of plots

in addition, we all know that a site outside the chain is the more the better, the weight is good and included as soon as possible, but also to be more relevant, if in someone else’s website is difficult to do these, on the contrary, in our own web site can easily do this, this is I give you the first point: as far as possible in the internal site give an important link to support. The website is our own, we can also selectively pick out some important pages, provide high page links to support them, whether the anchor text or text hyperlinks, in addition, can also meet the requirements of the infinite number of these, do believe that weight can also be better to upgrade.

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