Stationmaster and love Shanghai to pinch you really don’t understand my heart

said above is like talking about friends, have to understand each other’s heart. Simple analyse:

What is the sea

falls in love with fear, not the webmaster, but Adsense depends on the love Shanghai live. The webmaster friends this confused. Love the sea is afraid of the majority of users do not use the search engines love Shanghai, which is the webmaster friends love Shanghai users, but the relative national Internet users, this is just a drop in the bucket. In order to occupy the Internet market, love Shanghai must make greater efforts in user experience. How hard it is simple to use: when love Shanghai search to draw the best, the most reasonable result. This way the user satisfaction will have more and better experience. The higher market share. Now the domestic search engine market basically is love Shanghai alone big, then there are noble and Sogou carve up baby. Their finest hour, love Shanghai will want to further expand the market. So he must give the user to provide the best quality information. Then the K website is now basically are just some trash flow station, the content does not meet the user experience. Contrary to the needs of Shanghai and love you, don’t you stop the K K who stand. In fact, as long as the understanding of the needs of the search engine, fed it, basically will not be K station. The webmaster friends will get what you want in the search engine. This is a win-win, so to understand each other, understand each other’s heart.

this year’s technology, before the sea love to do, but do things have to do, a point when I and ER discuss the Shanghai dragon often published: we provide users to do things, to solve the difficulties of users, from the user to do search engine optimization experience, this is in line with the fundamental interests of love in Shanghai, can be a long time. Think of that time was June I saw someone like this love the Shanghai evaluation regular update, because the data is too large, the bearing capacity of the ultra negative love Shanghai database, so you want to delete some of the information. At first glance, is right, but think carefully is not so right, love Shanghai is a search engine, the database does not know much, but there is a limit, noble Po >

for a long time did not write articles, blog for a long time not to update, feeling a little fall. Oh, after work today hit the ball, feeling a little tired, but also feel very happy, since Shanghai dragon started little movement, feel they are in a state of sub-health. A little far away, back to business, in July 6, Shanghai continuous love big action, a large number of K station. The fluctuation of time long enough, many owners have been hit, and some even back to the liberation. The K station owners need to vent, because last year the "Taobao incident", this year the webmaster of a QQ group, YY began to call people crazy click love Shanghai auction, hope that through this way the way love Shanghai back. This event until now I just want to evaluate a word: you really don’t understand my heart.

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