About the inputT parameter of the new love Shanghai 520 update conjecture

through the 2 address we found that this update is more than a inputT=, through our careful research and analysis, found that the capital T should be Time, also is the time, through many tests we conclude that the open love from your home in Shanghai, in the dialog box input data start time, until you click love Shanghai time.



second, love Shanghai in order to prevent cheating, that is to say the statistical time and love Shanghai shows the time when the love of Shanghai is a consistent record to the database, if this time random scrawl, may be considered invalid before its search, thus shielding brush off with the marine data and other information, is also the big manual operation will form a timing error, this is equivalent to a site verification code, record the brush flow parameters to prevent cheating. This paper is to stretch marks 贵族宝贝lady126贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please keep the source, thank you.

The average time of ;

, the first statistical search engine search keywords, but we still do not know what love Shanghai statistics this time in the end what is the use of


From May 20th

in this update before, if we search for "national talent information network", is the following picture:

inputT=10578, the 10578 is from the open love Shanghai in the dialog box input time to click on the search time (MS), Qingdao Shanghai dragon that love Shanghai this update should have several purposes:

, careful webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng Er through the search engine search will find love in Shanghai address bar search engine has a parameter (Figure): we have to search for national talent information network as an example.


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