Analysis of the station optimization and the chain is one of the most important

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this is the construction site, construction site is 80% stationmaster people will optimize your site have occupied 80% of the results. The reason is because the situation factors offsite Optimization Website Optimization led to the construction site outside the chain of high reason of website optimization? What is the off-site optimization, offsite optimization in other areas on the site even if you left your links called remote optimization.

today, you know, this is the two after all has the focus, so I said today outside the chain construction and optimization of the station is more important: you know love Shanghai every Thursday there will be a small update, upgrade when there is a lot of love Shanghai Web station will test a health and death on. I just started time through optimization of the personal site, now everyone will be shocked, love Shanghai, fan fear gave me 18 of the input layer of hell’s website. In fact, I am afraid I optimize this barrier website he’ll survive. I learned a lot of people in Shanghai love to update personal data) ranking site, found this phenomenon, their ranking, most of them have abnormal situation, think site optimization is very important, the construction of the chain is also a preliminary study stage.


second, tangled web site optimization link building is

website optimization is so important, so we do not need any other optimization means? In fact, we all know that this proposal is a pie

in addition to the above situation outside the chain is particularly much, there are a lot of high quality external input; but slowly update in optimization, personal site, or even two months or two years of updates, in addition some website optimization station is also possible chain of different. But not from outside the chain of construction progress, on a web site, only more than 10 pages, but there are thousands or even tens of thousands of links, is this normal? I was lazy, outside the chain is not very interested in, I also love the station optimization. Honestly, I take the rebound website ranking is not fast, but the increase is very stable rating, will not happen again. The chain of my site hundreds of wandering, but included in the update site including several articles. Website optimization is the basis for your link to do better. As you won’t play well, the house beautiful, no function of the house, can not be used, because the house will collapse at any time.

which is more importantThe so-called How many

third, the number of the chain point of view

sites through the construction site, the confusion of many reasons, the website weight, PR and so on, today we understand the construction of the chain station optimization is an important, internal optimization optimization for external website construction site construction site construction site of the internal external, resulting in many problems, it is an important link analysis of the following self view.

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