The chain optimization concept innovation of new ideas of optimization

second, released the chain should pay attention to the quality of the platform. Since before the new algorithm did not give up the love of Shanghai Like attracts like. score Birds of a feather flock together. rule, if you release the chain platform high quality, high weight, then the weight will have their own website to pass some of the site outside the chain platform weight has been released on the contrary you right down, or may be right down, then you release the chain may be counterproductive for their own website. In fact, this algorithm is also proposed to love Shanghai in order to avoid users on other platforms outside the chain of hair, but also to put forward the correlation chain release platform, only in this way can effectively improve the chain optimization effect.

in the process, many people started to complain about the chain optimization is not what role, this is actually the love Shanghai blow garbage outside the chain of misunderstanding, love Shanghai algorithm update to effectively enhance the quality of the chain proportion, in other words, the high quality of the chain can play the role of one hundred enemy so, in the love of Shanghai under the new optimization rules, only through the innovation chain optimization ideas, can effectively improve the optimization effect, the following is to make a simple analysis.

chain optimization in the past few years, has become the focus of basic work site optimization. It can be said if the chain work is not done, the website optimization is not started. But in recent years, with the love of Shanghai intelligent algorithm has deepened, coupled with the Internet more and more spam links, potentially resulting in Shanghai love handling capacity increase, in order to effectively shield the garbage outside the chain, Shanghai began to love some of the garbage outside the chain algorithm optimization method to give a severe blow, so only the number of traditional chain construction the concept of the need for reform.


third, the chain construction focus on nature. Now many webmaster in the construction of the chain, there is no certain plans, basically want to increase by a few outside the chain a few outside the chain, sometimes even a day to release hundreds, then a month without a show of artificial chisels traces in this rhythm, in support of the new algorithm under the sea of love for the chain optimization, need is a natural effect, do not need to deliberately, but the best is the past by other websites, which is more the quality of the construction of the chain, so in order to promote the optimization effect for the optimization of the chain.

first, focus on the optimization of the chain correlation. A new algorithm for love Shanghai under the rules of correlation have higher requirements, it is also a good way to eliminate the garbage outside the chain, because the chain is the biggest characteristic of garbage freely engage in some irrelevant content, the chain attached to the corresponding, or no content, directly attached to the chain in the Forum or on the blog, but the chain for users often help little, for the love of spiders in Shanghai is also a burden, so love Shanghai requires higher correlation, not only the content of relevance, and pointing to the results of the chain to be relevant, otherwise it will be considered garbage outside the chain, if the circumstances are serious will be drop right punishment. So for the optimization of the chain, must be careful.

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