Shanghai Longfeng stop not Shanghai dragon is a permanent process

so, every day we wake up in the morning to rest at night, need a stick to do is to send the chain, has been sent to more than rivals, has been sent to the rankings, has been sent to increase traffic.

2, give me one hundred thousand chain, I can…

It’s a joke

is well understood, we are doing, others are in progress, you have stagnated, then you must fall behind, maybe your technology and resources than others for your cattle, Shanghai dragon understanding is relatively deep, but in time and diligence, and love of Shanghai is not controllable, your web site the ranking will be affected. So the conclusion is that we must adhere to the Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon circles: give me one hundred thousand chain, I can make a stand of god. This joke illustrates the importance of external links to vote, a lot of people to understand this joke is very thorough, think the site as long as there is the chain can conquer all, the point of the theory and practice that is relatively correct.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. We believe that the new Shanghai Dragon into this industry, a lot of the time we will hear the predecessors of this advice: insist, will be good, you can increase the chain, included will increase, ranking will be better. The flow will increase. To insist that it is a keyword we Shanghai dragon must, and this rule has also been a lot of friends believe, which caused a lot of people in Shanghai is not to stop dragon, Shanghai dragon has become a permanent malignant process, because there are a lot of friends in some cognition of Shanghai Longfeng beiow in view of this, some cognitive me to talk about some of his own views on the Shanghai adhere to the small dragon.

Shanghai dragon is more and more fierce, the industry’s hot brought a large number of new, large influx of talent, and now makes each industry has a large number of Shanghai Longfeng workers. When it comes to Cidaoxianhong a bit exaggerated, but this war without smoke is riding a boat behind.

personal view: he did go, but not blindly adhere to the time, investment, diligence, love to know Shanghai, these are what we need, but if you can not find their own shortcomings, to better ensure their own input-output ratio, so even if you stick with it, will be very tired very tired, and Shanghai dragon absolutely not what you think should be so tired. For example, you in the content construction and the construction of the chain you come up with a way to make the content of the original and high value, make the weight of the chain, then you are riding time for boat mounted on the engine.

personal view: to tell the truth, I have not thought to give me one hundred thousand chain to do what, an industry portal? A B2C mall? Or a B2B classification information station outside the chain? Everyone seems to care only about the site, the chain is not all, instead.

1, Nishuixingzhou, or

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