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Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. Recently, for the website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis of some deep understanding, but also to support the optimization team Shanghai dragon in the diagnosis of A5, very happy to tell you, I decided to start a series of my website, is about health, which I think is a very Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis important. For website health, many of our webmaster is not very understanding, especially some novice webmaster, we need to have a lot of things to master, so in the optimization of the web site will continue to absorb a lot of good and bad things, when we use the knowledge to optimize the site will find the site more and more healthy, but with some false statements to optimize the website even make the site right down, even by the K. We know the website health is very important.


about the site is actually in front of a series articles, are divided into several aspects, I think that the health of the site is divided into the construction of website, website optimization, website construction chain, website keywords layout and selection of the construction site outside the chain, many aspects of Web site brand building, each has a lot of aspects need to pay attention to the place, I want to introduce is the first point of website construction website health.

many webmaster friends about the contents of health website said the original will, said the relevant degree, said the layout of the key words, these are very necessary, but we can not to pursue these and go over, should be more reasonable to a clear understanding of the health of the content of the website does not necessarily need to follow these standards to grow, it’s like our school, although some are not typical, not willing to go to school, but he became the boss, become entrepreneurs, and we finish college but also to thousands of pieces of work worry, health is that we know what you want, you can provide users with clear, clear what the content is to achieve a better user experience, do these can make the content of health.

for any website, in addition to many independent blog, we all have a purpose: to make a profit. Whether direct money, or for the hidden contacts, resources, fame and popularity, for example, we open the personal independence blog, many webmaster friends will choose an area of Shanghai dragon, one hand is to play their own reputation in the local, hand is to pick up some single through this website, we demand is so, so in the internal web site will show more about these things, the site within a show they can provide services, on the other hand we want to show their own strength, so the content of the web site to around Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, Shanghai dragon service single keywords optimization services, optimization services the whole station, and Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, Shanghai Longfeng consultant, even station service "

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