The characteristics of several interpretation of love Shanghai update algorithm

love Shanghai to give a new algorithm will copy the contents? The content readable, but most of the article is collected, copied from other sites, itself is not the original content of the website, this adjustment will lower ranking. As we all know, the website copy in most sites, before we have been discussing the love of Shanghai how to judge this priority, we always think about your weight, but it does not meet the new situation.



5, a large number of illegal fraud

site keywords accumulationThe


website for copycat piracy

August 22nd, the head of the community love love Shanghai Shanghai engineers released the official announcement, said the Shanghai love algorithm again upgrade, the random sampling, hyperlink cheating and other sites, to control the cheating site and sort of low quality site. According to the Shanghai love own assessment, update the algorithm will enable the 4%~5% keyword search experience improved algorithm, the accuracy rate reaches a fairly high degree. So what the algorithm of adjustment to our webmaster what to bring, but also for the user to bring what, following by Xi Keng grass to interpret the main points of the algorithm update:

love the sea a deeper description for the pseudo original site, for arbitrary collection content, statement is unreasonable, unable to obtain the necessary information from the reader, will intervene. As we all know, those with collection tools by the website are cobbled together, basically can not read, to refuse to play the content of the ten ten. These are due to the poor quality, the ability of collecting the pseudo original tools co.. The webmaster, pseudo original tools are you


lead to poor readability of the pseudo original >


2, a large collection of web content, copy the

website has a large number of illegal or fraudulent content, may cause the user property loss. There are a lot of illegal and fraudulent websites, but also love Shanghai before being criticized by the algorithm is not mature in most places, a search engine should be qualified to disseminate information of health, legal, free to the user, and the illegal fraud against shielding fair and free website, hope this website can control these really.

official website posing as deceive users, in the title and meta tags in the statement is not true. Shanghai has the love of this kind of copycat sites began cleaning, which involves the information authenticity, piracy and other acts, but should be in the relevant laws and regulations under the premise to do such a thing more reliable. Because Shanghai is a love once and now the site of infringement.


web page or article interspersed with accumulation of keywords and topics not related, in an attempt to deceive the search engine, there is no real help to search relevant keywords users. Obviously, the accumulation of keywords behavior let love Shanghai unbearable, this kind of behavior before love Shanghai have been punished, like hidden text.

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