Study on the website and the original website ranking

Shanghai dragon for a long time, often bully A5 forum in the forum to see today a member to put forward such a problem: the original website and website ranking what? Many people know the website ranking and the original site has inevitable connection, but do not know what is love the original website Shanghai ranks, here I am on this topic with "original website and website ranking of the relationship between the exchange with you, you can be here.


website and user experience

well, first of all, when someone asks you this question, you might say, the original articles can attract spider web content can be collected quickly, every day you continue to adhere to the original, then love Shanghai spiders to you more and more friendly, so I’ll give you the high weight. I believe many people think so, of course, I am not opposed to this view, but I think that this view is one-sided, we ignore an important factor affecting love Shanghai ranking: user experience.

well, now we turn the focus from "the original website and website ranking" to "the original site and user experience and user experience and website ranking".

many people will believe the original site, but some are very proficient in pseudo original website. So, write head article its quality is questionable, leading to low quality of the original article is not accidental, the reason is that many webmaster some of their professional website is not very understanding, for example: my friends made a website, is responsible for the recruitment, promotion and website construction the website is completed by me alone. From the terms, I told them the company’s corporate culture is not very understanding, from the perspective of the whole industry I do not understand, in order to write love Shanghai that "original" article, I will go to someone else’s site to see how others write, then go to the place where he look for related content finally, together, of course, in the process of integration to add their own words to describe, which formed a circle we say "pseudo original" love Shanghai is very difficult to distinguish between a "pseudo original" article for this article, so a law as the original included, of course, doing tricks in your article, to improve the optimization of the keyword density point, I believe there should be included after a good row.

The original

in the discussion of this topic, I want to say now the promotion forum. Now many promotion forum have formed a good atmosphere, it is not for the members of the forum to learn and share and the top post, they simply in order to get some outside the chain, as a result, more and more people to join the Navy family, discuss the problems of the real people can not find. Here to call on more people to maintain the forum a learning atmosphere, make a small garden path in the novice learning website optimization. In addition, if you really love or with an article, decided to reprint this article, please see whether copyright, respect the results under the labor of others.

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