Wang Xueyi Shanghai dragon master who really is the master

?A few days ago the

article said, now the network loopholes than Front Gate arrogant! A mention of Shanghai dragon, people think of is to buy links, mass, and even HTML will not, directly use "technology" on the line! But love Shanghai, nobility baby have so far? Two examples you can see it. I love the existing website, Shanghai ranked the top 10, the nobility is difficult to enter the top 100 baby; I have a very competitive website, without any external links, only in a few blogs, even my own site are not to do external links, but the ranking has soared, from 170 to 30, in general it 30? It is not worth! But I do keyword is super hot, in my ranking below two pages, almost all PR3, 4, 5 websites, and my PR is still 0, because I made Shanghai >

what is the Shanghai Dragon Technology? At least in code, web based? A company independent template, can make people talk about what Shanghai Longfeng? A good template, Shanghai Longfeng optimization based ah! Though I don’t doubt the original template DEDE optimization technology, but for different content, different structure, certainly still do more optimization template. The home page, template, website structure, path, keywords, content adjustment and so on, there is no independent template, Shanghai dragon come from? How do you see is Shanghai dragon master

network, false ones, sometimes to the point of very funny. A few days ago, a master told me that there was a province of Shanghai dragon master, in the QQ group free to explain Shanghai Dragon technology, asked if I would like to go to the lecture. I think I understand some of Shanghai Dragon technology, but certainly not master, I’m just a beginner, but I also know that many of the so-called "master" in the network, but are self styled. So I let the webmaster, the free lectures, a "Shanghai Dragon Master" QQ number to me, then I fell in love with the sea to check, the so-called "Shanghai Dragon Master" only had six or seven websites, a blog system is readily available, which reproduced a lot of Shanghai dragon tutorial; site navigation information classification; place; other, it is the DEDE system, and is the original, just change the LOGO and navigation of the color.

Shanghai dragon master? How many people think, but there are a few people can do online? Now called Shanghai dragon master, a few are really capable of? And do the same, Shanghai Dragon technology, I also study the.

Shanghai dragon is to use the technical methods, improve the site’s ranking engine. In the network world, the most profitable, it should be the Shanghai dragon master who, because of a website ranking optimization as long as the money will go up, really "rolling", could not stop! However, there are several Shanghai dragon master really online? In fact, there are really high hand. However, it is difficult for you to find.

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