The recent black hat community fire black hat box is where the artifact

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black hat resources can bring the acquisition of a variety of high profit industries of all ages, at the same time, because of the scarcity of resources and the black hat is not open, the grey to black hat industry resource competition reached the fierce degree. Even I have seen some site permissions to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars of rmb. The flow is money, this sentence since the birth of the Internet will not miss.

as the author of the little black hat Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, has recently been heard insiders mentioned a term called "black hat box", based on years of experience, generally called box are integrated type products, must have the strength to develop certain cases, such as millet boxes, music boxes, on this point that will arouse my interest.

is currently on the official website to disclose information is still relatively limited, when I see when introducing the black hat box team, it was even said several times, "no wonder! No wonder no wonder!". Three-phase power, Yoio co-founder, a fiend in human shape, the Vietnamese Prime Minister is neighboring technical adviser, this level of Daniel can do the product really is to frighten, maybe people don’t know this is what level of several Daniel, I can only say that a variety of overseas payment company minutes can be black million dollars the level of. Rumors may be exaggerated, do I not know this, but they can only let the author team is to worship level.

because of the more concerned about this, to find their team members to contact, know about mid January 2015 will then take a look at this line, I think of the black hat community has a role in promoting production.

holds the black hat community has always been muffled fortune in doubt, I went to see the black hat box. Don’t know, a look surprised. The black hat box provides resources is usually very difficult to get money, apart from the case, information, also provides techniques and tutorials, think about his past to spend 3000 dollars to buy a set of add up to less than 3 hours of the black hat tutorial, the black hat box was conscience. The website also provides that black hat tool and script resources, the author estimates will be a fee, after all these resources is too precious, do not spend money can buy, the author added nearly 100 related QQ group, even every day to collect the webshell resources have not received much. However, in the author of the practitioner’s perspective, certainly hope that these resources can be charged, so that these resources will not overflow, for the business is not to cause great competition. But those black hat beginners will certainly want to be free, the black hat box team will do positioning, let us wait and see.

because the black hat actually has been a field of a mysterious and desirable, even I have to admit, I entered the black hat industry also saw the short period of time can make the ability to obtain huge traffic, and this huge flow means a super strong cashability.

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