How to deal with the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon ER algorithm

here we focus on the web site of the Shanghai dragon ER a period of time in the future how to grasp the correct direction of optimization, the website chain and content of these two kind of content, after this love sea station K events, many owners also found love Shanghai to junk the chain under heavy combat, including the chain, the chain blog, forum the signature of the chain, the chain, the chain of SkyDrive video, which on the new SkyDrive video chain and the chain particularly badly hit, a lot of SkyDrive and video outside the chain of Shanghai dragon ER found the chain disappeared. SkyDrive video website and the website weight is really high, but when we have found this piece of cake, the chain began to be distorted, a lot of garbage data and high repeated video is used to send the chain, a large number of new sites to bring high weight, correct judgment which seriously affects the search engine, love Shanghai have to do. And spend a lot of money and manpower to do the chain of people will be empty in the end. How to send the chain, needless to say, the chain is the best practice of Shanghai dragon was just when people recognize, at that time the webmaster is very simple, that is the value of the content on your site will be sent to the forum and Post Bar and with a link to share, very simple form of the chain, but also the most useful form of the chain, because you give users valuable information, it also includes a variety of factors, such as the webmaster will certainly put funny pictures sent to funny Post Bar, get the same type of website links.


also said that the adjustment of many cattle B site will be K, I want to say is that even if you then cattle B, but do not consider the user experience, there are obvious Shanghai dragon behavior will be K. I have admired a well-known regional portal, IP on more than 100 thousand, Fuzhou is a well-known local company in the operation, the operation site is indeed good, very influential in the local. But this site in the pursuit of flow, has obvious Shanghai Longfeng behavior, updated daily articles almost every keyword optimization and a small amount of stack, it does give them a good ranking, but half a year after the website was K only home page, and it has passed more than a year still no weight recovery. This case tells us that the rapid growth on Shanghai Longfeng brought traffic optimization does make the website development soon, may also become a high weight site, but in front of all the user experience is the home of the standard search engine, will eventually sacked".

on the web site user experience, this is a deep lesson, we take the information site as an example, select some elements for comparison at a glance. >

owners to love Shanghai in 6.22 and 6.28 of the adjustment algorithm called "love Shanghai 622 and 628 events, whether webmaster QQ group or the webmaster forums are all into a quarrel, but overall K stood there is two kinds, one is the chain of poor quality of the new station, there is a is the old station, but there is a violation of the rules of search engine behavior, such as acquisition, excessive optimization, a massive increase in the chain.

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