t was not love all guess the score included Shanghai

before A5 saw a lot of friends with IP, which is a website with a server in each link may bring unfavorable, love Shanghai will take this as the station group. As it is not so, I don’t know. This website does with websites that I do to each other before the link, also is the same as IP does. Of course, now has been removed between the links.

2., hiddenAfter the


is the first time I use La domain name suffixes, began to have some doubts, is not love Shanghai for the non mainstream domain name suffixes with special respect? But you know some La suffix website is very normal, and keywords ranking are ideal. So, it should not be the reason.


4, with the IP

website link

with a webmaster friends after the exchange of knowledge, he pointed out that our website program is not very friendly to love Shanghai search engine. Because the website page is called score other websites, for search engines, this website is not change every day, the spider is not love this website. This is reasonable, immediately find the author of the program to let him give me changes to the program, the pages of the news pages are adjusted to the home page to display, this website just add news content, page also changed.

line on the site, in order to increase the chain, I to many forums to exchange links, the exchange links piled up some key words, and the hidden (is to link with the color of the same color in other words). For the development of the chain, there have always been two statements. Some say yes, some say will be search engine that cheating. It’s not to be included is not related to this, do not know, anyway I will immediately send those hidden in the forum which removes the keywords.


the current situation is still no change, love.

1, La suffixes low weight

score from the No. 21 line to now, has been a week, has not yet been included in the love of Shanghai. Although the direct search domain in Shanghai love can be found in a collection of results has been stable at No. 21 snapshots, but at the time of site:www.***.la can not find any results. In my personal website experience, this is the first time. A domain name can generally direct search results, site also has the. This problem in the last two or three days did not change, some webmaster forum to consult, many people say that love is the Shanghai server’s own problems, in fact I do not agree with this statement has been. The fact that now the situation did not change, has been denied love Shanghai server issues this may. Love is not a problem in Shanghai, it is your problem. Do the following conjecture:

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