Wangzhuan novice how to achieve from 0 to 1Looking ahead to the 2017 travel market where is the ult

, bit by bit predicament, declared the stock market monopoly model bankruptcy,

a time triggered a big discussion about travel market in 2017 really breaking, the ultimate solution for travel in the market? What kind of mode? Which companies will represent the future trend of new energy, sharing mode, time-sharing leasing, unmanned what kind of mode, which is the key factor of leveraging in the future, in 2016 retained many suspense.

The third step:

there are many ways to make money online, but most of them are not what we want to do, such as helping people post, code, pull down the assembly line and so on. I don’t think the amount of money earned from such a project is from 0 to 1. To help people send an afternoon post, earned 5 yuan, this is not good. What we want is to have our own website, we want to make our website profitable. Specific operations are described below.


site positioning well left the promotion, to tell the truth I am not good at promotion, really envy SNS Promotion Month earned over a million guest. The method I use is to learn the most simple SEO, then I choose to find a product’s competitiveness with keywords purchasing power, optimization to sh419 first or three, although not many people search, but there are still people search keywords you choose and have more purchasing power, it is easy to sell go out. Here is that the choice of keywords that seems simple but is very difficult, how to choose the key purchasing power is carefully studied, such as the search for what to eat to lose weight and eat what medicine reducing weight is definitely the latter conversion rate is higher. As for SEO, it’s easier. Learn a little about OK, because the words we do are simple. I’m sure the newbie will soon be able to do it, from 0 to 1. Finally, don’t worry about beginners

first is the integration of the success in the domestic market, fast acquisition, Uber Chinese homeopathy scored, and strategic investment giants continue to inject, seemed to burn action can continue, toward the unification of travel market Jiangshan constantly moving target, and the general public can also continue to feel with money capital.

travel market is so concerned, drops has such a high valuation, is essentially due to the huge size of the market space travel market, on the one hand, due to the fact just to be on the other hand, the stock market space is large enough, so through the large-scale technology and capital investment.

however, the weather is unpredictable, suddenly suffered a net effect about the car deal draft, although there have been enough time for talking, not a big change, around the implementation of rules will undoubtedly make the high valuation of the stars of the future development of enterprises has been overshadowed, in the tide after the retreat, how to keep his small underpants becomes a tricky.

in the past 2016, we can feel the most is perhaps the "time" the power of the fast changing market environment have brought no small impact to each year, "double", "capital at the end of the winter, beginning at the end of the thriving economy," no man’s land".

first step: to apply for a domain name, space, just to find a program to set up a website, the website is very simple now, watching a video will, recommend new web application using Dede, an installation is OK what we don’t need to change the default template can be used. Here is the problem of space, space must buy, and have to pay for. Do not buy too large, novice 100M will be enough.

, however, this is not done, the good market is probably derived from the v-mobile feedback at the end of 2016, the new energy automobile rental market when the moment the fire, in the winter of 2016 ignited another fire, after the Benz Corp car to go Mercedes planned landing in Chongqing, the song car2go and Ponycar. One after another in Beijing, Shenzhen and other front-line city China mainstream landing, caused a strong market reaction.

second step: site built, it should give the site a positioning, that is, what profit, the current site profit roughly two kinds, one is by shlf1314 advertising, two is selling products. shlf1314 does not recommend the novice to do, because shlf1314 advertising needs a lot of traffic, if you have to do so, it needs the drainage, a drainage way is the most common type of men like the title of the party, the world’s most amazing moment of beauty, sexy star like. Send to popular forum, and group, one day cited hundreds of no problem. Next is to sell products, products if they have better, no, you can do Taobao customers, currently doing a lot of people. Choose the product should pay attention to, to choose suitable for selling online, good promotion, such as diet pills, whitening and the like. Products for women are better, promotion and commission is good.

first of all, I am a novice, Wangzhuan also is the time for several months, but I harvest this month is very large, from what they do now has its own website, and the site has been profitable. Through their hard work, finally achieved from 0 to 1. Here I have to share my experience novice veteran across, seriously look at

in 2016 fully deserve the star enterprise "drops of travel" as an example, the development of a year has witnessed countless wonderful travel roller coaster, seemingly very sad and depressed feeling stimulation, but you know, it is not willing to drop.

hasn’t finished, just drops in the exploration of new business model transformation, when overseas strategic layout, a leading share Mobell bicycle bicycle popular phenomenon, once again grab the drops of the limelight, although the car is the bike and meet the travel needs of different market, the theory does not constitute a direct competitive relationship the name, but on the surface with taste as well.

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