Shanghai Dragon Reborn remember to save the website optimization experience is love Shanghai serio

a simple example: search engine is not recommended to use JS, because the pure HTML code is very conducive to search engine to crawl. Now, a large number of front-end technology change rapidly, AJAX technology has been applied to the network, to bring good experience to the user. Give this experience advantage to pursue search engines crawl advantage, this is obviously a have the order reversed.

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finally, the real Shanghai dragon, in fact is not technology, but rather than resources. You have one hundred chain, I have ten thousand, you update daily ten original, every day I updated one hundred. This weight is completely wrong. That is to say, Shanghai, for me, there is no technical obstacles, you can only depend on how much money. That this thing is for me not much meaning. Go and tangled in it, it is better to learn more practical technology. Because of my position is not a marketing staff, but a technical personnel.

encountered a customer

when you know this, we can understand me at the beginning of a sentence, the best is not Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon and phoenix. So, without using the latest AJAX technology, my skill is very good in Shanghai dragon! On hundreds of websites personally trader, have proved the ability of my.

Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) is not Shanghai dragon. This is my 08 years after the systematic study of the Shanghai dragon drunby said. In fact, in recent years, I already don’t care too much about Shanghai longfeng. Why? Because I am a front-end engineer, as the development of a WEB front end, has been away from Shanghai for new dragon.

The best

from the customer to call me about. The customer said he needs to do a website, and some specific keywords ranking good hope. This is a relatively simple thing for me to do at the weekend, and earn some pocket money thing. So I promised. In the customer request time, I simply judged the target keywords, the keywords are difficult is the middle of the. So I did not refuse.

of course, I have a job, I could not let this thing because he was tired, so I said to the customer, the basic search engine optimization, also is the site itself I will do a very good, but the construction of the update and the chain of the later content is up to you to do. If you don’t, I can give you some guidance, but I would not go to do this thing.

and when you truly understand what is the Shanghai dragon, you will find that the so-called station optimization, website just do better. We have to put the site do better, more code short, more semantic and so on, therefore, you use the best idea to do a website (not including the use of Ajax JS technology, which is anti Shanghai dragon) is a good site in Shanghai longfeng.


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