Shanghai Longfeng for which website can bring revenue

this is the most common and most simple way to make money, a few years ago when I was 08 years QQ, non mainstream space, that is to say, at the time of the Shanghai dragon is also very hot, basically every Shanghai dragon Er have 1 to 2 such sites, do good, to engage in tens of thousands of traffic can be, do you usually do for thousands of traffic is common! Did let some webmasters earn a good income, daily updated website, focus on ranking income in the slowly coming, at that time a friend said that this money is good, money

advertising alliance

we all know that Shanghai dragon is simply a tool, like a paintbrush, can draw beautiful pictures or rely on your knowledge of the art, also by Shanghai dragon can not make money, or to see your way to make money, you make money in some way! Recently I often see some Shanghai dragon group friends, to discuss the Shanghai dragon, how do the chain, how to optimize the site and so on, rarely discussed Shanghai dragon’s idea to make money, I feel it is a misunderstanding, a good way to make money, by means of Shanghai dragon, you can easily bring you good income! Simply several common:

from my contact Shanghai dragon began to emerge out of a lot of "Shanghai city dragon", bring some corporate customers through such words to yourself, the way to make money is also a lot of people do, at the same time into the construction site, it is a good method, we can simply calculate accounts, 3 customers a July, website construction and Shanghai dragon, a website received 3000 yuan service fee, a month is Jin million in revenue, can persist for 1 years so that the income of 100 thousand, Shanghai dragon is a long-term work, as long as your level is high, the effect is good, a lot of enterprises are renewals. These 10 sites for second years and can bring tens of thousands of income! This is going on, slowly through 3 to 5 years of accumulation of customers, for example, has 100 customers, then a year income is a very impressive figure, Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, does make a lot of Shanghai dragon Er tasted the sweetness, so you can be in love in Shanghai just to search for a city of Shanghai dragon can find a website

now this model to make money also has many people to do, for the novice Shanghai dragon is indeed a good practice method

! ! !


3, Shanghai dragon and e-commerce combined

2, Shanghai dragon service

in Shanghai Longfeng products combining then create income the profit of the products, I recently noticed a training team, specializes in bidding Shanghai dragon training. The main idea is to combine Shanghai Longfeng products, achieve the purpose of profiteering! A simple profit of 100 yuan, one day the 10 single, is the profit on 1000 yuan, such as a month income is tens of thousands, indeed considerable! But profits and competition coexist, is because the product profits, so the competition.


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