Shanghai Longfeng optimization experience sharing a little inspiration of the use of the nofollow la

"nofollow" label is a label of noble baby, Yahoo and Microsoft Corp to put together a few years ago, the link with the tag will not be calculated weights, the search engine supports nofollow attribute: the A page is the link to the B page, if the link with the nofollow property, then A the weight of the page do not flow to the B page.

hard work pays off, and finally in the 2013.7.10 with a link to the site, a happy ah ~! (below)

Use the "

"love Shanghai." you know what? You don’t know, OUT. The "love Shanghai encyclopedia" chain, will you? No, you OUT. "Love Shanghai encyclopedia chain" is a "no chain construction method" no mention, not advocate Gao Quanzhong chain form. If you believe the words above. So, today, the little fish tell you: you or OUT. Because you did not find "love Shanghai encyclopedia"; usually do not pay attention to the effect and method of foreign chain to carry out carefully check and summary. Small fish recently in the operation of a do email marketing website, has been concorded "email marketing" the Shanghai encyclopedia entries in the attention and love.

love this guy "love Shanghai." even to hard to stay with the link editor "nofollow label", love Shanghai! Manual review! Link back to add "nofollow label" shame on


we usually run website, there may be some hope not but there are external links, such as: some comments on external links blog and forum; website advertising links to businesses, at this time we can nofollow > tag


Shanghai ! !The

was glad little fish feel a high weight of the chain. However, through the Multi Chain query tool, this article did not check the chain, small fish feel a little strange. So, open the "email marketing" Wikipedia entry source code, this is called a cheating! Really pit countless Shanghai dragon Er

said "Shanghai dragon to learn to summarize and optimize the knowledge from daily observation and accumulation, small fish today can not change the facts, and" nofollow "share" a little inspiration "the use of the nofollow label



2013.8.1 "email marketing" entries included updated (below)

1. station reasonable nofollow tag" to prevent the loss of the weight of

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