The grassroots webmaster how to improve site weight

good external links in the shortest possible time will guide your site search engine spiders, and can give your site more high weight component. After the self adjustment of Shanghai, blog, forum weight is reduced, the high quality of the external links to Links, soft link is dominant, because the foundation of the webmaster can write high quality soft Wen, if the article was reprinted in words, but also eliminates the need for you to send the chain time.

two, the high quality of the external links

site layout architecture

site architecture is equivalent to the base of the house, only a firm base to make the house solid, and a good website structure can make the search engine spiders crawl the entire site edge smooth, convenient spider quickly grab the web page, website structure is generally best with div+css, its convenient spider crawling, and the code number, the code can be achieved the purpose of optimization.

Three, Four,

There is a fatal impact

website optimization is a hard work, only after the effort to do basic skills, do solid, so you can win a point in the starting point for the website keyword ranking. Thanks to the A5 platform support, please indicate: 贵族宝贝

website weight for the site in the search engine rankings plays a key role, the weight of the high ranking website, often by the former, the corresponding site traffic is higher, but there is no better in order to improve the site weight? I believe every webmaster have different ways of their own, today I combined with their own a little experience about how to improve the site weight.

, a website information

website content must be updated frequently, it is best to be updated every day, because only the regular updates, search engine will often go to your site looking for food, but the content of the website must be of high quality original articles or thirty percent similarity to the pseudo original articles, simply reprint, copying the information on the site, even if the search engine spiders will also not included your page, because you like food, it has already eaten in other places. For the novice friends, the original article may have a certain degree of difficulty, recommended to look at others to write articles, and then to their own ideas to write, gradually improve their writing level.

site space safety

site safety for the website keyword ranking, website is to provide services for users, and the site does not open, it is not only the users can browse, search engines can not access. So the security of the site must be good, to prevent ARP attacks, DDOS attack. In addition, if the site security is not good, the site was linked to the black links, website ranking and weight will decline.

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