Shanghai dragon new recommendations the love of Shanghai as a user to love

about Shanghai Longfeng, many people may have many methods of their own, but have only one purpose, that is to get a good ranking.

many novice in the actual operation there will be a lot of misunderstanding, I would like to say you may have heard a word.

before I study the algorithm, now I study the content and value of

a new web site to improve the rate of early weight and high quality of the chain is very important, is the main post maintenance master of the web site keywords ranking, the weight of the chain construction of high quality stable website.

two: construction site outside the chain quantity ignore quality

: high quality and related

the following order

for the optimization of the page keyword density, many webmaster tools are telling us to control in 2%-8%, in order to achieve this standard, many novice will be blind in each page can add position to add keywords, but without considering the user experience this point.

before I study the technology, now I study the user experience

keyword density for Shanghai dragon is only a reference factor, the density of 2%-8% is a natural addition, rather than to add keywords.

: excessive care page keyword density

used to be the chain the more the better, the more conducive to the chain website ranking, in fact, with the search engine algorithm, is now the chain the more the better fine.

Shanghai dragon’s heart has a word: "the chain for the king", a lot of people go to work every day the first thing is to send the chain, this is the spirit of perseverance is worthy, do Shanghai dragon is to adhere to will have good results.

In this website

is the study of "I love Shanghai, now I study the customer.


today give you an integration thought, not for the love of Shanghai, only for the user.

do not use some outside the chain of tools circulated on the Internet, including the sale of Taobao, their principle is the other platform to visit our site generated by the cache, the cache is agreed to be included in the search engine, but the correlation is too poor, and de >

Shanghai dragon is a tool, a means of making people to Shanghai dragon is only two: one to love Shanghai, one for the user to read.

not to Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon what? With well-known master Liu Dang as saying, is the following sentence

why? Because I love Shanghai is the user.

novice some misunderstanding in common in Shanghai Longfeng in operation

I love Shanghai these years, for customer service experience very seriously, it will let the user experience high website for a higher ranking.

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