Grass root Shanghai Longfeng practitioners counterattack want to become a part of Shanghai Longfen

search engine rivals the myriads of changes, more and more, Shanghai dragon industry competition is fierce nature, so many competitors, how can an invincible position, as a manager of Shanghai Longfeng panic. To take precautions, must be taken into account in the worst case, you know a wrong step may be worth, if the keyword is wrong, there will be no conversion, Shanghai dragon will need to consider the problem and so on, facing the competition pressure and the pressure of the boss, can you hold on? We have often said in Shanghai the dragon was also Shanghai dragon, the mentality of the problem talked a lot, there is a saying that good, attitude is everything, no matter you how cattle. There is not a positive attitude is very difficult to do in Shanghai Longfeng, negative about a job, there is certainly no results. Grass root Shanghai dragon Er to counter attack to become managers, the mentality of the first to do mentality preparation.

: the first psychological panicThe

third: experience of Shanghai Longfeng practice

as the saying goes practice the truth, it is not empty talk.

, a Shanghai Longfeng management, such as: Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng supervisor or manager, must have a very comprehensive knowledge of Shanghai dragon, known as the principle of search engine, understand the site of knowledge etc.. These things can only go to learn slowly, it does not, but you can put the knowledge into practical use case is not easy, for example: we all know the meaning and use of ofollow tag, Shanghai love these things about a lot, but can make the good use of the label is not so simple, a very classic example is the Alibaba’s official website, the use of a large number of nofollow tags. For a large web site home page, we can use the nofollow tag "forced" spider named URL. Shanghai Longfeng managers need to put knowledge into their own things, to live, to use their own ideas to achieve the desired effect of Shanghai dragon.

you do not know when, I’m tired of the IT life of migrant workers day in and day out, the chain code seems to occupy your life all the others laughed and said: IT grass root, grass root workers very low income, no technology to speak the internet. Shanghai dragon really so bitter? Because Shanghai Longfeng low technical threshold, and now has been very rampant, you know, I know, you will, I will, such things aren’t what advanced technology. Most of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners lack is not technology, but the so-called Shanghai dragon strategy. A Shanghai Longfeng management is the most important strategy rather than technology, from the following staff to do, as a Shanghai dragon grass root practitioners, 2013 you can counter attack? To make progress in this occupation on the truth? Is still nowhere? A Shanghai Longfeng managers really need to know what something.

second: the overall situation of Shanghai dragon

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